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Day 6 - Most annoying character.
Jonette, Hungry Wolf and Sieglinde in FFXI with their stupid Abyssea quests for the Seals required to upgrade artifact armour. All they have to do is grant you 8 of the specific job Seals you need but noooooo they have to give you every damn thing else and make you waste all of your stones running around the damn zone looking for their ???s. Wrote this about them:

Dear Sieglinde: I have been tolerant of your rudeness, but I can no longer tolerate your blatant disregard for my request. I explained to you several times that, when both my WAR and my SCH reached 60, I had to make a decision and, due to time and subjob restrictions, opted to follow the path of the SCH. Continually giving me Ravager's Seals (10/8) will not make me change my mind!

Dear Jonette: You are an idiot. I have been foolishly finding you cookbooks and pages of cookbooks for years and you have yet to produce a worthwhile recipe, much less an appropriate number of Ferine Seals (3/8). I begin to wonder if you really are a cook afterall. Can you even read a recipe? You certainly can't comprehend that I am a BST, not a WHM (6/8) or a SAM (8/8). Get cooking, !@#$%&.

Dear Hungry Wolf: I was told the way to a Galka's heart was through his stomach. I thought you loved me when you finally gave me my RDM seals (9/8), but you continue to tease me with my PUP seals (6/8), often giving me nothing. And yet I come back for more! Risking my life to cook sheep meat amidst dangerous Clusters. I can't help it. I am addicted to you as you are to your Sausage and you know it! Stop stringing me along! Love me or let me go! I beg you!

Day 7 - Favorite game couple.
Caddoc and E’lara from Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. He’s a brute of a warrior with a level head, having learned tragically that rash decisions make for bad endings. Surprising that he’s hanging out with the impulsive and bloodthirsty elf archer who hides her dagger where exactly? I’m sure some people ship them, but I much prefer their friendship. Their in-game banter is amusing and their game play co-operative is fun.

Day 8 - Best soundtrack.
MORTAL KOMBAT! Yeah I don’t care if it’s actually a movie soundtrack. It’s a soundtrack based on my favourite fighting game series. Deal with it. When this comes on, no matter where I am or how old I am, it requires over indulgent singing along, heavy breathing and movement.

Special recognition goes to all of the Final Fantasy soundtracks, which I was treated to by my husband when he took me to Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy for my birthday. The visuals of the concert were disappointing, considering their source, but the music brought back alllll the memories.

Day 9 - Saddest game scene.
Two particularly emotional scenes for me involve death and song, but as they are from games that friends are and/or will be playing soon, I won’t speak of them.

Instead, I will speak of the scene where my choices came back to haunt me ... In Mass Effect 2, I didn’t believe a so-called suicide mission should be survivable, so I strove to kill at least one character. Unfortunately, I ended up unintentionally killing another: Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. It hurt, but I refused to reload my save because this was the drama I wanted from the game. I knew that in Mass Effect 3, it would cut me, but I had no idea how much. At the very start of the Quarian/Geth mission, Molly Shepard was walking through to the Geth ship and looked out at Rannoch. “Tali would have loved to see this,” Shepard said.
And I cried.

Day 10 - Best gameplay.
I am normally not big on strategy games because they require a lot of thinking I don’t feel like doing when I play a video game, but Valkyria Chronicles surprised me. I loved the strategy aspect so much that I went back and redid all battles to ensure an A score.

Honourable mention goes to Hunted: The Demon’s Forge for being the game that gave me a previously non-existent interest in archery and sniping. I also initially played this in co-op, but my husband quit part way through and I continued on alone. I am certain the game learned from him, though and Caddoc’s playstyle ended up being a lot like his, plus the NPC would pick up tricks that I did and start mimicking them.


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