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The Stolen Throne (Dragon Age, #1)The Stolen Throne by David Gaider
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I’ve recently finished two playthroughs of Dragon Age: Origins and in both, my Warden permitted the same fate for Loghain Mac Tir. It was the fate deserving of his crime, but I never could appreciate the reasoning given for that crime as there seemed to be much more to Loghain. Hence my need to read the books that precede the game.

I had the same desire with Mass Effect’s books in reference to Saren and The Illusive Man, but was disappointed that Drew Karphsyn’s writing was not as spectacular as his ideas.

Despite my issues with David Gaider now, I was very pleased with this book. Gaider’s writing encompasses a lot of emotion, even in a character that seems limited to only a few. Barely 50 pages in, I already respected Loghain and even liked him, despite his harsh demeanor. Appreciation for King Maric was to be expected once it was established that he was much like his son, Alistair, in personality. But it was Loghain that I was interested in and the book did not let me down -- though it also means I am heartbroken over Loghain's ultimate fate.

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