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My brother invited us to some soiree for the local YMCA of which he and my cousin are on the board. I assumed it would be some boring ass event that my husband and I would beg off after an hour. But there was a babysitter and an open bar and good food and reasonably good music so we indulged a bit.

A bit.

Apparently, I looked hot. My husband said so, and the camera guy seemed to keep finding excuses to have me in all the pictures. Okay not all. Shut up. The bartender kept free pouring my drinks, for which my husband happily tipped him and the cute waiter kept personally taking my order. And all the waiters kept bringing me horse d'ovres trays, but that might have had more to do with the fact that I squee'd and clapped when they brought me yummy stuff because. food. Is yummy.

There was some priest there and he said a prayer and during his prayer, I was thinking about Fenris headcanon that the Gods might not find appropriate (well Bacchus would probably be cool with it). I'm going to Orlais Hell.

There were some speeches and some pretty cool guys were honoured, including Dr. James E. West and Alrick Brown. It was really nice to see that all these rich people weren't all just there for a charity case. Many of them had strong ties to the YMCA.

And then there was music. It's been a while since I've cut loose on a dancefloor, even though the DJ's selection was disappointing. I tried my best to keep my requests above the underground (what do you mean you don't have the dirty garage mix of Spin Spin Sugar?) but he didn't even have the old school favourites like Groove is in the Heart. That's okay though. There was enough to keep me happy and OMG I'm in love with Charlie, the guy who brings fucking castanets to the party. My geekery continued with me busting out The Shepard and the Techno Turian. And there is nothing like getting plastered in front of my dad and then dancing with him to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  Oh daddy dear, you know you're still number one.

I can't wait to read this tomorrow.


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