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I forgive you for Buffy S8 - well, mostly because you realized it was crap and apologized already. I forgive you for Dr. Horrible. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I'm apparently one of the few people in the world who didn't absolutely love it. I forgive you for Angel S3 and 4 and what you did to Cordelia. Well, no, nevermind. That all really sucked. I forgive you for resurrecting Colossus despite Marvel actually promising never to do so, and thereby negating the meaningful death of yet another Marvel character. Well, I only forgive you because you made me love X-Men again because of it. I forgive you for being suckered by Fox again and giving us Dollhouse. Hm. No, that was just plain stupid, Joss. I forgive you for The Shepard's Tale. No. Wait. I will never ever forgive you for that.

I will even forgive you for your forever predictable need to kill beloved supporting characters in order to advance the plot and/or motivate their friends. Even this one is okay because Obama's taking care of it (spoiler).

The Avengers renews my faith in Joss Whedon, comic book movies and Hollywood. Joss had the advantage of the prequel movies here so he didn't need to dwell on character development too much, and yet, he made sure they were still very human and had their human moments and in fact, that's exactly what Loki played on.

Ah Loki. Allow me a moment here. Tom Hiddleston. You. Just. You. I will have your babies. Especially if you ask me nicely. All that Loki makes up for Chris Hemsworth not taking his shirt off.

Moving on. I'm in love with the entire cast. Even if this movie sucked, the comraderie continually displayed by these actors made it that much more appealing, even before seeing the film.

I can't be bothered to make this a proper, intellectual review (which should be obvious by now). There ought to be no reason for anyone not to see this movie and enjoy it, if not love it. For those who just want to hate, then go ahead and hate. Nothing I say is going to change your unbridled bitterness, so kindly move along while I squee.

Other notes:
  • I spent the entire movie really wanting to brush Thor's hair.
  • Anyone OTPing Stark and Rogers is stupid! Clearly it's all about science! But don't worry, Banner and Stark will let Pepper and the Cap watch. BTW, what did Stark do to Banner?
  • No Joss is not a feminist because he made Black Widow more than just the T&A some idiots assumed her to be. Joss is, in fact, a brilliant writer who knows how to manipulate his audience.
  • "Fangirling like a Coulson." That is now a thing.
  • Hawkeye, honey, you're still no Legolas and your purpose was, well. Plot. Maria Hill still did more than you.
  • How are people still stupid enough to get up before the credits are over?
  • Special love for the woman in the audience with the super obnoxious laugh that was at first annoying, but then we found ourselves really disappointed when she didn't laugh at certain funny parts.


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