Posted by : Unknown Friday, 4 May 2012

I had one person wish me a May the 4th today, but otherwise I avoided the internet to avoid the spam. I do appreciate a little bit of office geekery, though. Hell, I'd appreciate a lot more of it. There was one guy who I chatted BSG with, but it's long over and we've moved on. My 4th wisher is a bit of a geek, but ... well she's not the kind of geek with whom I can flail  and discuss space magic and 'ship everything and talk about feels for pixelated characters and have them understand completely. I have those friends online, but I need them at work.

But then the new lady today won the priiiiize. She was talking to the other ladies, back in the accounting cubicles about being hot. There were the typical menopause jokes, but then she started talking about how the guys in the R2 and C3PO costumes got so hot that they would pass out so they had to add cooling devices to their costumes. She was hesitant at first, acting all coy, like she didn't know the name of the droids, but when they started laughing at the comparison, she started to roll with it and started talking about special effects and how Star Wars was still awesome even now and ... and... she started to lose them then, but I had to go by and give her a verbal high five for relating Star Wars to hot flashes.

And then it all reminded me of a co-worker at a former job. We were only together for a few months, but in that time, we giggled, fangirled, flailed and geeked a life time's worth.

Inside joke. Roy would understand.


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