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For ten years, Kirkwall has been my home and I have no intention of abandoning it now in its time of greatest need.  The Divine, surprisingly, has not been without reason, once her emissary passed on our explanation of Meredith's madness, but there is nothing that can explain away the destruction of the Chantry. The emissary questioned us all. Or rather, those I allowed her to question. Anders was not on that list and I was able to convince Sebastian to leave to retake Starkhaven, effectively removing him from Kirkwall for the time being.

Anders has agreed to obey me, on the understanding that I do have the best interests of mages at heart, and remains in Cullen's custody. He shifts between intense guilt and frustration, but he has managed to maintain control of Vengeance. My greater fear now is not that Vengeance will try to harm anyone, but that Anders will try to harm himself. Cullen - now Knight-Commander - has been my most staunch advocate these past few weeks, and seeks consultation from Anders, which has helped temper Anders' torment. The mages remain fearful, but Cullen has ordered the templars - including the new ones sent by the Chantry - to deal with them with a gentle, but firm hand. Aveline has done the same with the Guard, though her greater focus is on the gangs and cartas in Lowtown. Some semblance of order is being restored to Kirkwall.

We have done our best to quell rumours that it was a mage who destroyed the Chantry, but it is not enough. Thankfully, few know who that mage is and they are people I can trust, including Petrice. Not that I trust Petrice, that is, but I understand what it was she was always after and, while I want to slit her throat and will find a way to do so eventually, I allow her to keep charge of the Chantry reconstruction and hold my tongue - and Anders'. In turn, she will support me as far as she can. It is a truce of political convenience that suits us both for the time being, but I watch her as closely as she watches me.

I am no fool. I know what all of this means for Thedas, as much as for Kirkwall. The Rivaini Circle has fallen and people are using the destruction of the Starkhaven Circle as part of the fodder. I'm sure a direct attack on the Divine herself is not far behind. But I have to look to my own first, and if that means sleeping with the enemy, then so be it. Kirkwall will not survive what is to come if we are not united. No one misses the significance of the Champion turned Viscount of Kirkwall being a mage. 

But for those mages who do not trust me, I cannot blame them. Postings have been inconspicuously placed all over the city telling of a ship that will take mages who wish to leave Kirkwall to Ferelden where King Alistair, Queen AllarĂ© and the Circle of Magi will grant them sanctuary. Isabela isn't happy about using her new ship for ferry service, but I'm sure she will find something interesting to do in Ferelden when she gets there. Besides, she has Varric and Merrill to keep her company. I fear the things  they will teach their precious Kitten-Daisy, but I'd rather her get into their kind of trouble than her own kind. I know they will watch out for her.

Fenris has finally agreed to move in, claiming it is for my protection, but I'm certain he just wanted to be closer to my library. He does seem to enjoy playing the role of bodyguard, though he knows I'm fully capable of taking care of myself. Thankfully, he is learning to hold his tongue at the appropriate moments and is finally beginning to see that I am not the only "good mage" and that magic itself exists for a purpose. Yes, it can be easily twisted for terrible means, but it can also do so much more.

Unfortunately, blood mages remain an issue but I suspect, as Orsino did, that there is some mysterious reason for this, what with all the strange and ominous structures we found under Kirkwall over the years. Sebastian has agreed to help me investigate Kirkwall's lower regions. He has  spoken of an alliance, though he grows impatient with my stubborn refusal to execute Anders immediately without a trial. I admit, I am stalling. I cannot overlook his crime against Kirkwall - against the Chantry. I cannot overlook the murder of Elthina. I cannot overlook his betrayal of his friends - of me.

And yet...part of me wants to sneak him onto Isabela's ship....


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