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From The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Epilogue Slides

Post-Crucible, Day 41 Memorial speech delivered by Provisional Councilor Kahlee Sanders, at the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, London 
 On behalf of the Provisional Citadel Council, and all member races, I have the honor of addressing you today. We come together in both grief and triumph, to honor the life and sacrifice of Commander Molly Shepard, victor of Torfan, first human Spectre, and savior of us all.

 The Provisional Council has unanimously voted to award Commander Shepard the posthumous title of Last Defender for her service in the Reaper Wars. This is a title that has never before been granted—and, we devoutly pray, never will be again.

 It is a title that recognizes both our grief and our victory. We grieve for all that we have lost. Not a single one of us today stands here unscathed or unscarred. Yet. We. Stand.

 We stand here, on Earth. And above us, there are those standing on the Citadel who hear our words. We have reclaimed the seat of our civilizations, and the symbol of our unity. We have every faith that, working together and using Citadel technology, we will soon be able to re-establish mass relay communications and transit.

 None of this would be possible if Molly Shepard, our Last Defender, had not fought to the last breath against an enemy vastly more deadly than any we have ever known. Thanks to Shepard, we are here. We are together. We have a future.

 So we grieve, but we also rejoice. This is Shepard's victory. This is our victory. Thank you.


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