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I have issue with the big old weapon concept. I don’t want Crucible to just be a deus ex machina for lazy/pressed for time writers. We’ve already had a 2.5-3 year delay in the reapening so damn TIM and anyone who did believe Shepard for taking so long to find this. The information on the Crucible existed in the Mars Archives. Even if it was a puzzle with pieces all over, someone must have looked at it over the last 30 years and considered putting it together. They used everything on Mars to get humans into space. Why wouldn’t they have worked on this too? It can’t just have been TIM and Liara who made the connection yesterday. If Hackett had revealed that there was top level knowledge of this device and what it could be, I could accept that.

So for this I am rewriting slightly to say that Liara, as the Shadow Broker, learned about the derelict Reaper and the weapon that destroyed it. Surely the protheans must have figured out what TIM did and perhaps tried to build their own weapon. The Shadow Broker, who has been around for some time, must have known something about it as well, leading Liara to make the Mars Archives connection. She begins research well before the Reaper attack. 

ME3 begins with Shepard grounded. The Council is focusing on the immediate threat of war between the batarians and the Alliance thanks to Shepard’s actions in Arrival. The batarians have grudgingly agreed to attend a meeting on earth, but negotiations are not going well, with the batarians demanding Shepard be turned over to them. The hearing is interrupted by reports of attacks on the batarian homeworlds. The immediate assumption is Alliance deception and the batarian fleet orbiting Earth attacks the waiting Alliance vessels. Reports from Luna start coming in and the batarian party on Earth, as well as the Council see that it is actually the Reapers. This is confirmed by the actual arrival of the Reapers on Earth. 

“Now do you believe me?” Shepard growls, just before the building is hit and the Council is cut off. She and Anderson escape to the Normandy, with Anderson choosing to stay behind, ordering Shepard to get help from the Citadel. The remaining batarian vessels quickly retreat to their homeworlds. 

 Before the Council, Shepard is stonewalled with the harsh truth: The other races are looking to their own first and won’t help Earth. The Council session is interrupted by the Shadow Broker who reveals herself as Liara and reveals that she knows how to stop the Reapers, but needs more support and more importantly, she requests Council aid to defend the Mars Archives from a Cerberus attack. The Council won’t bite, but they give Shepard leave to do her thing. 


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