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In ME2, I didn’t want my suicide mission to be perfect so I replayed with the intent to lose Zaeed. I succeeded, but I inadvertently also lost Tali. I could have gone back and fixed this, but I chose not to. It gave me the drama I wanted. Seeing Molly’s unshed tears over Tali’s coffin...

 I have barely started the mission vs. the geth dreadnought. I knew Tali would be mentioned, but I did not expect my reaction. Shepard walked through the docking tube and simply mentioned her name ... I lost it.

Fortunately, Joker was able to bring me back with the “no windows thing.” So far, I have expressed Molly’s anger at the quarians for doing this now. I am going to assume that 17 days ago was before the reapers attacked, otherwise, I would have quarian heads rolling for starting a war in the middle of a war. But more importantly, I am eager and nervous to see Legion again. I wish there had been more time to spend with him in ME2...

Dreadnought destroyed now and, other than Joker’s commentary, Shepard is taking this rather well. Except for the punching and parading Legion around the quarians. Renegade points renewed. Legion is one of my kids, so I am biased, but I’d like to think that only an utter asshole would side with the quarians on this war. Oh sure the geth kicked them out of their home, but, even before seeing the history through the data clusters, ME has been honest about how the quarians treated their creations. They weren’t very nice parents. I hope that Tali would have been more sympathetic to Legion and the geth when it came time to make the big decision.

Alas, I forgot that I did not have Legion’s loyalty for Molly (and of course, Tali is dead) ...

And now I am sad.

First, I chose to save the geth, but ... in the end, I redid the mission and saved the quarians (at 40% ... at least I let them sweat). I couldn’t very well argue with a reaper about the value of organics, only to murder them two minutes later. But ultimately, I despise the warriors for making me prove the reapers right.

 EDI is going to be so mad at me.


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