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I finished my ME2 run through with Jax Shepard and decided to put my obsession on hold for a short while, replacing it with other video games featuring epic story, morality, important choices, intriguing characters and familiar voice actors. And made by Bioware.

SWTOR has been whining for my return, but I haven't been back since March 6... for some reason... This weekend, SWTOR practically begged me to come back, offering me 30 free days. Wellll I have been talking about at least finishing my Commando, Jemadya. So I updated in absentia and logging in.

I checked in on Illumin Dust, first, to see about the changes. I didn't test the results, but the first change was that I had to completely respec. I checked out the companion affection incentive stuffs and was pleased to see the results of my labours. All but one of my companions is at 10,000. And finally, I checked out the impatiently awaited Legacy System. I'm already at Legacy Level 13, so a few things were unlocked, but nothing of particular interest. I see that I could have finally gotten my wish to have a Twi'lek Agent, but by now, it's too late. No interest in playing Agent again, having already finished the story and fallen in love with my original character, who is now happily dressed in almost full Columni gear after only a short time.

After sorting out family trees, I worked on finishing up Nar Shaddaa with Jemadya. It took foreeeeever. I was reminded of all the things I hate about MMOs. Nothing like killing 27 mobs trying to get a single drop, competing with others for the same and lag. Blessed lag. It's a good thing the Trooper story is interesting, or I would have given up, reiterating my conclusion that SWTOR is my last MMO. (I don't say that with bitterness. I'm just ... over it.)

Then it was on to Dragon Age: Origins. I created a mage named Caleya with the understanding from my friend that mages gain their powers from sleeping with all the things! So far, Cullen has run away from my suggestions, and Duncan did not offer me an option to share that giant bed with him. I'm sure he will in the future. My one major disappointment (aside from no Duncan sex yet) is that there is no actual voice acting for my character (other than the in battle dialogue where she says inappropriate things while being mauled by giant spiders). I've been spoiled having playable characters that speak. S'okay. I've started speaking my lines out loud myself, much to my husband's amusement. Wait till the romances really start!

Finally, we ended the day by watching Cowboys & Aliens. Not a bad movie. Presumably anyone who watches it would have already put on their suspension of disbelief hat on for what ought to be obvious reasons and kept it firmly in place at the end when even I was having trouble. But hey, it was a fun romp and I won't ever complain about watching Daniel Craig. Actually, it was Harrison Ford I really payed attention to, though. I've always loved him, but he tends to have only a few notes in his arsenal. They are great notes, but they get old, as does he. Here he embraced the old and got to play a basic crotchety old bastard - with a heart. I liked it.

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  1. I try not to start too many new games because I will want to finish them. Well maybe finish them per say but finish my goals for them.
    Now I want to get to my end on the relationship with Tali. Then get back to SWTOR and get my Smuggler, Juggernaut and Operative up to 50.
    By that time Secret World will be out and Ill be knee deep in an Illuminati who tries to win fights with no weapons, just a smile and a wink.

    I can see that I have been spoiled from games where my character doesnt talk. I feel like they got me on that and I need it now.
    Don't think ill be speaking my lines out loud though... J is right to laugh at you crazy woman hahahaha.

    I think I like the randomness of MMOs and that gets rid of the grind for me. Also, I can do PvP and Space combat to alleviate the questing grind. I play a lot and read a lot about MMOs and it seems people always say its a grid and is the same gameplay, but I have yet to see a real concrete fix for it. If you overimplify then every game ever is the same thing for the most part. Have a goal, do things to accomplish that goal and sometimes you repeat them based on random luck or need for number of successes. Also, the games are designed to keep you playing and reach an audience who may only play for a month and not come back. Those more dedicated to personal goals will stay and so the carrot must be moved or painted to look like something else.
    So there may never be a perfect MMO so the only perfect game you can find is the one you make for yourself inside the game. whatever game, you are playing.

  2. I don't fault any MMO for the grind. I've just grown passed it. But SWTOR, of all games, I think does it best because the game allows so many options for leveling. Because ME more than any other game I've played, I've come to appreciate the story aspect, and, having finished Agent and loved the story, that alone will allow me to finish Trooper at least, though maybe not Inquisitor (I didn't care as much for that story).

    Right now, ME is an ongoing thing, so I'm not worried about starting anything new. I'm breaking from ME, so I'll be okay with probably playing DA through fully, and DA will serve as a break for SWTOR, which I will try to play during the free month. I won't feel a great loss, though, if I don't make it to the end of Jema's story (I say that now, but if the story get's awesome, then....!)

    I also need to finish Batman, but that's far less story intensive in comparison. And I definitely want to play KOTOR...

  3. I am a little put-off tha Dragon Age doesn't have voice acting for the character. I'm not sure if DA2 does or not since I haven't gotten there yet. I think that I've gotten so spoiled with ME that I forget that different teams work on different projects.


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