Posted by : Unknown Friday, 6 April 2012

I took EDI on this mission because I felt she deserved to be there (well, I take EDI on every mission and just switch out James, Garrus and Javik based on who I’m fighting.) I expect her to ask Legion if she can hop into a geth VI at some point. It’s not fair that an organic gets to do it, but she doesn’t.

Javik wants to airlock the synthetics on the ship, but I respect them as lifeforms, even knowing the risk they present. Treat them right and there is no reason for them to destroy us, even if they have long ago come to the conclusion that we are unnecessary. If our stories and ME history is anything to go by, it’s only when the synthetics are mistreated – or more importantly – when we show them our true colours, that they seek to destroy us or seek to control us to protect us (and themselves) from ourselves. Certainly the reapers are a prime example of where things can go wrong, but again, if their creators had respected them as sentient beings and respected their potential, perhaps we wouldn’t be at war now...


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2017 Reading Challenge
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