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Liara, I don’t really know what to say.

Say whatever comes to you, Hannah; whatever is in your heart. I’m sure Molly will appreciate it when she’s old enough to comprehend.

 ... Alright... I just... I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this to be so difficult the second time around.

 Take your time, Captain Shepard. There’s no rush.

Thank you, Garrus. I ... Can I hold her?


 Hello Molly. This is your grandmother, Hannah. I .. I wish your grandfather was here, too. He’s so much better at these things than I am. But he’s ... taking a break. He’ll be back, though. This was so hard on him, but ... well, your mother – father? I’ll have to do some research on asari child rearing to figure this out – your father always bounced back from everything thrown at her. She learned that from Stephen. He’ll bounce back too. Just ... give him some time.

 Anyway, your ... parents want me to tell you about your moth – father. About her childhood. They only knew her for a short time, really, so I guess this is as much for them as it is for you. Um. Okay. Molly, your ... father, grew up in space. We call kids like her Spacers. She got to see planets all over the galaxy, and couldn’t fathom how anyone could stay on any of them. She appreciated their beauty and functionality, but nothing could compare to a starship or spacestation. By the time she was born, Stephen and I were well established within the Alliance and were always stationed on the fleets’ best, so she was thoroughly spoiled. Not that kids were allowed to run freely through Alliance vessels. But there was always something about Molly – even as a toddler – that made her defy the rules and the odds and made everyone else accept that that was just how it worked when she was around. Headstrong doesn’t even begin to describe her. She commanded and demanded respect, but she expected you to earn hers – and when you did... well, just look at what she accomplished. Just look at the people who stood by her side.

 I asked Stephen once why he expected so much from her. He told me that she was the only one he could trust besides himself to get the job done. That hurt. But I thought about Torfan and I understood. I still love him even though he’s never truly needed me the way I want him to. Molly was the same. That was her father in her and I resented it. When both of us returned from missions, it was him that she always ran to first. Never for the hug I wanted to give her, but ... heh ... they actually called it a debriefing and they’d sit there for hours talking about what little he could reveal about his missions.

 When Stephen and I separated, she went with him. It was an amicable separation and we still see each other whenever duty permits. I had finally come to terms with the fact that Molly did love me, but it was her father whose footsteps she walked in. Stephen pushed himself hard to get where he is now. He didn’t need to push Molly. It was just who she was. Who she was meant to be.

 I .. this was supposed to be about your father. I’m sorry. I guess... I guess I needed this for myself as well. I’d like to believe that Molly did get a little something from me. A lot of people probably thought she was cold, like Stephen, but I know better. I see all these people who call her their friend and know that she would and did give her life for them as many times as she had to. And then there’s you, little Molly...

 I.. I got to see her one last time, before... before ... She was tired. Inside and out. I don’t remember what we said to each other... if we said anything at all... She just... hugged me...



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