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Digitaltempest asks: Just a little something to tack on because I had a discussion with a friend about her “beautiful reapers” ending. Now I question how in the world they think humans would make a good reaper type at all aside from the genetic diversity?

I'd like to think that they don't keep individual human memories, but an overall... humanness. That which makes us human. Throughout the game, we've had various aliens tell us what we are and what we do. Garrus tells Shepard that humans want to save everyone, while everyone else is looking to themselves. There's Samara's point on our differing views -- which our very emails are wonderful examples of.

I was watching Green Lantern the other day and -- like everything else in life now -- related it back to Mass Effect. No one believes in humans, yet we are always the heralds of the galaxy in the end. We're the ones who keep fighting, even when we've lost. We fight our fear. We overcome our hate for each other and we come together when the shit hits the fan. Yes, there are those who defy this, but I think, if you look to Mass Effect itself, it made a point of showing that, when we discovered there was more to the galaxy, we finally put aside the bullshit about nips, niggers, rednecks, chinks.... and got out into the galaxy as a single people and were willing to fight together to protect humanity's interests, yes, but also to help others when it came time for the reapening. Even Ashley, with all her hate, could put it aside to fight and keep fighting the good fight. Meanwhile, the other races, despite their advancements, were all about internal racism. Tribal warfare. Asari culture frowned on purebloods, salarians were messing with everyone, turian tribal disputes, krogan clan disputes....

 In my mind, if this cycle failed and we got reaped, the seeds of so much chaos and rebellion would exist in the reaper fortunate enough to be born from humanity. This is what I pictured in my Conversations with the Starchild. There were other reapers like this already and, while their voices were not loud enough, add a human voice in there and yeah. Harbinger is in trouble. He'd regret the day he ever messed with humanity....

 As Javik said, Shepard had become a herald of her people. If she got reaped, imagine how much shit that reaper would cause. Hell, if TIM got reaped, he'd stir up just as much shit.

 And then.. and then there's the genetic diversity. Man. So much chaos from a human reaper. We'd spend that 50k years in dark space evolving like no one's business!

 Can't keep a good reaper/human down!


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