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We saw the advertisements for this and decided to try it out. It didn’t disappoint. It’s got the typical satire, mocking the wealthy and unrealistic by offering the point of view of a single dad and his teenage daughter from the big city who have moved to the ‘burbs. The satirical humour never goes too far over the top and the snark is just right to balance it. The characters are all reasonably unique and endearing and even the seemingly shallowest ones reveal a surprising level of depth from time to time.

This is a guilty pleasure watch. The mysteries remain pretty predictable, but the characters are like old friends now. Bones and Booth recently had their baby, which means a new opportunity for character growth to avoid them becoming stagnant. I appreciate that they did finally get them together but haven’t made a big squishy deal about it. Side note: My husband enjoyed the episode of Bones that featured the character that would spawn the new show The Finder. He’s been watching it, but I’m not quite as into it. I just find the main character dull.

I’m severely behind on this, but intend to watch. The last half of the first episode greatly impressed me with all the twists and turns and I love all the ways Siobahn manages to lie her way out of everything she’s caught in. Sometimes it seems like too much, but then there’s something else to distract. Not sure about the Wild Things plotline, but we’ll see what happens with that. Fortunately, the deception hasn’t been dragged out too long. Each episode adds to the progress without ever feeling like filler (you hear that, Dollhouse?) Last I saw, Bridget had finally figured out that something was up.. and then the shit really started to hit the fan. How ever will Siobahn lie her way out of it all this time?!

Once Upon A Time
I’m woefully behind on this, since my last post, but I have full intention of catching up. And not just because it feeds into my Mass Effect addiction by featuring Kaidan’s voice actor...

Lost Girl
This is the season of the significant others, with everyone either getting or losing lovers (except poor Hale .. I’m here for you Hale... it’s okay honey). Fortunately, there is still a lot more to the plot than just who’s making kissy face with whom. The new Ash has tricks up his sleeve, as we’ve always known, but there is more to his machinations against Bo than mere antagonism. He still can’t be trusted, of course! Meanwhile, we keep getting glimpses at why Bo is so pivotal to the fate of Light and Dark Fae.

Game of Thrones
There are a few intriguing changes from book to series that I am each to see played out. I still see no point in the existence of the redheaded whore, save for as a sounding board for Littlefinger, but that card has already been played too many times for it to be interesting anymore. I am very pleased with the small changes to Cersei. The series has served to humanize her a bit more and emphasize how important her children are to her, but she is not quite so blind to Joffrey’s evil ways or to the power she herself wields. Renly Baratheon was my greatest concern with the series, since they changed him so much from the book. They emphasized his homosexuality, but this was apparently at the sacrifice of his bold and charming ways. I’m not sure why Renly couldn’t have been overtly gay and confident, but , having now witnessed Maergery Tyrell’s increased role, I suspect this is why Renly was diminished.

Big Bang Theory
I assume it’s still a funny show, but this is only on my DVR list because I keep forgetting to remove it. I got tired of all the episodes featuring Penny’s raging alcoholism as a source of humour. Her character has become more and more pathetic with her lack of funds, lack of credible job, shopaholic and sleep with everyone tendencies. Even more disturbing is the fact that none of her friends seemed to do anything but encourage her. Delete.

Cougar Town
If you think this show is just Friends for older people, then you'd be wrong, unless you also added Scrubs into that mix. But that's okay! Because it's still a hilarious show.

Modern Family
I initially avoided this show because it looked like it would go too over the top to try to show how family values and the atomic family have changed over the years. I was wrong. My husband and I have shared as many thought-provoking parenting moments as we have laughs. Well, more laughs, but still a significant number of parenting moments that make me want to save the particular episodes for reference when we have to deal with these particular situations with our own kids.

Spartacus: Vengeance 
I feel guilty for not feeling the new Spartacus. He’s good, but .. he’s just not Andy Whitfield. I think the show creators recognized this might be an issue and have made the show focus more on the other characters and their relationships. Well, no, that’s not true. The show has always been like that. It has always richly defined the supporting cast. As with most things, the main character is usually the least interesting, but Andy Whitfield had a spark that Liam McIntyre just seems to be lacking. Still worth the watch, though.

Being Human
I'm woefully behind on the American version of this show, too, and I still need to get my Netflix on and watch the UK version. But I will get to it! Have to see what ridiculous temptations the threesome have gotten into this time!


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