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There are so many wrongs in this scenario and none of the solutions are truly right. Should the krogans merely be allowed a cure now? Can Wrex truly control his people? He may be able to convince them not to seek vengeance, but he won’t be able to stop them from breeding. And that’s where the problem starts again, especially with Tuchanka already in ruins, even before the reaper attack. The krogan are already evolving to counter the genophage ... if they weren’t so busy seeking honourable death, they could focus on life. Is the cure the “right” answer?

 EDI spoke of the logistics of it all – not just of their massive broods, but also of the logistics of transporting the krogan to battle and sustaining them. It is an immense undertaking.

And damn you Wrex for demanding this now! You could have said you'd help on the condition that the cure would be given when the war ended, but no. Now. Had to be now. I know, I know. Drama. But STILL!

TUCHANKA: I knew that Mordin would die administering the cure and resigned myself to that. What I did not expect, was that the potential of the Salarian resources and the potential threat of krogan expansion would give me pause. I had the option to lie and thereby win the krogan and the salarians, as well as turians.

Normally, Molly makes the tactical decisions that would grant the best military outcome, but this time, heart won out – eventually. There was no way she could trick Wrex, even if he had made her angry. Friendship – not to mention the future of an entire race – has to mean more than that. Even in war, no matter what Javik says.

But I didn’t tell them about the sabotage. I’ll convince myself that it was to avoid risking their backlash and the political shitstorm that would follow.

 So I told Mordin. And I sent him willingly to his death. My guilt is worsened by Mordin’s peaceful acceptance of the fact that his people would have done this and that I knew and had considered the alternative.

And then I had to face Eve and Wrex’s gratitude. I don’t want him calling me a hero and a sister. He may never know it, but I lost that right.


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