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Airlocking: Javik doesn’t like those uppity synthetics! Help Legion and EDI elude the prothean’s attempts to send them on their floaty way.

The Great Anderson Race: Did it frustrate you that Anderson was always two steps ahead of you? Well now’s your chance to show him what you’ve got! Strap on your N7 sneakers and race Anderson on any of many different race tracks situated around the galaxy! Don’t forget your pistol!

 What Kind of Eggs are These? Join James as he tries to recreate his abuela’s favourite recipes, using strange ingredients picked up from around the galaxy. Elcor milk? Hmmm...

 Design Your Own Husks: Why should the reapers have all the fun? Hop over to Sanctuary and put your creativity to the test! Design your own mutated abominations! Have you ever seen an elcor husk?

Scan that Star System! Can you find all the resources and war assets before the reapers find you?

 Kai Leng Kab Surfing: Think you’re ninja enough to ride a cab – on the outside?

Shadow Thane: Kill ALLLLL the things with Thane! Jump from shadow to shadow and just fuck shit up!  And then pray.

Kalros Death Match: Summon Kalros to the arena and pit her against the biggest and the baddest. Who will come out on top and who will end up as worm food? Place your bets!

 VI Geth: Defeat the infected clusters to save the geth memories before you get trapped in virtual reality forever!

Catch that Space Hamster! Oh no! Space Hamster has escaped again! Gather your team and get that pesky rodent back in his cage before a jealous Kaidan can boil him!

Uh Oh! Better Get Mako! Mountains and thresher maws in the way? Put the pedal to the metal in your trusty drunk rhino machine and get those canons blasting! It’s okay to squish the pedestrians if they fire back! 

 Pyjak Massacre: Choose your favourite weapon and launch an all out offensive against those wretched monkeys! Are you sadistic enough to unlock the mighty Atlas to unleash holy hell?

 Scavenger Hunt: The crew have hidden your model ships all over the Normandy. Follow the clues to track down your collection. Bonus: Find your missing fishies!

 Galactic Bar Hopping: Test your liver against the best – or worst – the galaxy has to offer! What seedy, disgusting bathroom will you wake up in this time?!

"Dammit, Shepard, are you drunk again?"
Crank Calling Hackett: He called you incessantly in Mass Effect. Now it’s time for payback!

 Normandy Hide-and-Go-Seek: The crew aren’t in their normal locations. Where could they be? Search the Normandy to find where they are hiding.

 The Krogan Repopulation Project: The krogan have been pretty busy since the genophage was cured, if ya know what I mean! Find loving homes for all of those adorable krogies before they overrun their planet -- and yours!


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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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