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The Voice of Kings 
None of the kings have a voice in these stories, save through those who are with them. They do not get their own chapters to convey their thoughts, and, in fact, Joffrey gets nothing at all since none of the characters closest to him – well, Cersei – has their own voice either. It strengthens the idea of them being the true pawns in the game of thrones. Despite their kingly status, their lives are almost forfeit – because of their kingly status. In contrast, Dany, as queen, has many chapters dedicated to her journey and her inner thoughts. Speaking of Dany, I was beginning to worry about her sanity, but then she pleasantly surprised me with blood and fire.

The Wench and the Kingslayer
Initially, I had come to dread Jaime Lannisters chapters. His treatment of Brienne is horrible and his whining over Cersei is intolerable. But, as their situation worsens, I've managed a level of sympathy for him and am curious to see what happens if and when he's finally returned to his father and sister...

The Women 
Sansa Stark
HBO made a point of showing how low the women were treated in this realm. In the book, there is greater opportunity for the women to reveal more of themselves than their breasts. Almost all of the main female characters have risen or are fighting to rise above the control of the male sword/penis held above them. Save for poor Sansa, who grows more and more pitiful, though she is trying to be brave, with only her courtesies to defend herself with. There are moments when it seems like she will find the strength to rise above, but they are fleeting. She’s is a sad irony, having stood above her sister at the beginning of the series, thinking she would be queen, but she is the one who has been dropped the lowest. Horrible karma.

Cersei Lannister, by Vanda Juranic
The more I read about her, the more I wish to know her thoughts and find myself wishing that she had her own chapters. She’s a character that can easily be vilified and written off as a “bitch,” but I see more to her than that (and I suspect the writers of the show saw the same, as they made a point of trying to soften her a bit.) She is most certainly a woman controlled, but she fights it every step of the way. At the end of the day, she is a mother, sister and lover who fights for those she loves – not merely for personal power. Certainly I believe she’d like to be queen for her own sake, but she knows she can only get so far and seems content enough to keep her son safe on the iron throne. Conversations with Cersei in the last book gave some small insight into Cersei’s mind and her feelings, but now, I’m relying on Jaime’s chapters to learn of the love they share, assuming that Cersei feels much the same way about him as he does about her.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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