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For those not in the know, the reason why Mass Effect is such an incredible series is not simply because of the great game play, story and characters, but because you have a significant amount of control regarding said game play, story and characters, with the most important character being the Shepard you create. It’s a choose-your-own adventure book with pretty pictures and shooting stuff!

Sure I’ve played RPGs before, but never one so engrossing where you can truly make the game your own through the choices your character makes. Yesterday, I ended up making two more Shepards just so I could play around with different personalities and the subsequent story choices they will make.
So now I’m curious about everyone else. I want to see and know about your Shepards! Please post a pic and tell me a little about your Shepard(s) – reasonably spoiler free, please. We still need to get more people playing this game!

 My Legacy Shepard is an infiltrator named Molly who is a spacer fondly known as The Butcher of Torfan. Wise people – like her dad Admiral Hackett (WHUT?) know that her so-called ruthless nature is just practicality. She gets the job done. Sometimes that means shooting someone in the back. Sometimes it means punching someone in the face. But it always means they deserve it.

Tarisa Shepard, a sentinel, was an orphan saved from a life of crime and vices by an Alliance soldier. She promptly joined the Alliance and works hard to do the right thing and prove her worth, though no one questions her dedication and motivations after she survived Akuze. She's loyal and honest, almost to a fault. Despite all she's seen, she believes there is yet more out there and ends her days with a prayer for those lost.

Ian Shepard was an honoured and honourable war hero until he lost his BFF, Jenkins, on Eden Prime. The shock broke something inside and now he’s hell bent on taking no shit from anyone, but making sure to give it to everyone else.

Oh he’ll save the galaxy, but only because he’s got nothing better to do right now.


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