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Daniel Radcliffe tries very hard to convince you that he is no longer Harry Potter, all the while maintaining a frowny countenance to let you know that he is sad about the loss of his wife and his dire straits. Fortunately, the The Woman in Black holds up well enough to get passed both Harry and the standard haunted house plot.

Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a widowed and in debt single father and lawyer who must deal with the closing of a house that no one in the local village wants him to visit, following the death of its owner. Rather than tell him why, they just make poor attempts to warn him away, which only makes him more determined. His determination also serves to prevent him from running the hell away when the creepy stuff starts happening.

The creepy stuff, surprisingly, is creepy. We recently watched a forgettable "horror" movie that thought suspense meant PLAYING DISSONANT MUSIC REALLY LOUDLY BEFORE HAVING SOMETHING POP OUT AT YOU. The Woman in Black was a pleasant contrast to this, building the scares up with subtlety and framing scenes in to make ample use of corners and backgrounds to add to the apprehension. I'm not easily scared (and spent a lot of time giggling at those who were), but there were a few moments that got me.

Bonus points for the twist ending (we think that's how she says thank you). Overall, not a bad film at all. Also, Victorian toys are fucking creepy, even in broad daylight, not surrounded by ghosts.

This Means War: Cute - and I'm not just saying that because of Chris Pine. It's an action comedy about two deadly spies who happen to be dating the same girl. Hilarity and explosions ensue.

The Cabin in the Woods: It starts out in typical young adults head off to the creepy cabin in the woods fashion, but, as the trailer itself says, it's not what you think. I'm definitely intrigued, and not just because Chris Hemsworth may take his shirt off or because I am an infected Whedonite that is drawn like a brain seeking zombie to anything with his name on it.

Snow White and the Hunstman: This is going to be seen. Is it bad that I really want the bad guy to win in this movie? Because, excuse me, the bad guy is Charlize Theron, and try as she might, Kristen Stewart just can't hold up to her. Also, here's hoping that Chris Hemsworth takes his shirt off.  WHAT?

21 Jump Street: Um. What?

The Phantom Menace: Not a preview, but the theatre was promoting the hell out of it. Please note, George, that I will not be taking my kids to the theatre until you get to A New Hope, but I really do appreciate you re-releasing the films to the theatre (even if you feel the need to butcher them with added special effects and 3D). You reiterate my declaration that re-releases are far far better than remakes.

Wrath of the Titans: Sigh.

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  2. I love the story of The Woman in Black, I really want to see the stage play of it, which is ment to be amazing. I was a bit funny about Daniel Radcliff playing the lead, but it's a Hammer Horror, I can't miss this one!

  3. I’ve never seen a horror/suspense play. I wonder how the scares would work in that medium?

    Daniel was adequate. I’d say the setting and cinematography overshadowed him/covered for anything he may have lacked.

  4. Paul says:

    I saw this and Chronicle this weekend. Chronicle was much better. I did like Woman in Black, but the ending was a little dumb. I was very interested and I have to say, this was one of the quietest theaters I've ever been in. And the scene in the bedroom actually sent a chill to my guts.

  5. Aww I kind of liked the ending in that it was bitter sweet. I just expected them to let them be gone.

    When she comes screaming for the boy on the bed at the end, I told my husband that that was her way of saying "thank you." And now that's how we say thank you to each other lol...


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