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(Contains Imperial Agent storyline spoilers)

Sooo... you wanna make out?
Mass Effect taught me the importance of the priiiiize and yes, I did make alternate saves just to check out my options and I did earn myself the Paramour trophy and hope that Liara remembers me when I finally get around to meeting her in Mass Effect 2 and won’t mind me taking off with Jack...

Star Wars: The Old Republic features five companion characters for each class, with romance options available with at least one. My RL husband married Mako a few weeks ago. I was not invited to the wedding. Evidently, they have an open relationship that allows him to flirt and sleep with anything that moves in the appropriate direction, as is the apparent standard for Bounty Hunters.

Open bar wedding, of course. The Mystics totally approved.
As an Imperial Agent, I have not been allowed such opportunities in my dialogue choices. Up until Hoth, all of my flirting options have been limited to maintaining my cover. Yes, I have slept with people to do so. Duty comes first! I even had to get married to maintain my cover in hopes of obtaining a military alliance with the Voss.

 Prior to these nuptials, on Hoth I finally got to have my first real romance, for which the screenshot hot key decided not to work, so I have no keepsake. Oh Aristocra, it was brief, but it'll be enough if you know that in the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth.

 My Voss husband keeps sending me sappy emails and gifts which I’ve been giving to my companions. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass, but he lives on a far off planet. I’m sure it will be fine – assuming Lokin doesn’t check my emails and rat on me like he did with Kaliyo...

As far as romancing my companions goes, well, my companions suck when it comes to that option. Dr. Lokin is a creepy and conniving man with a mutated, pants-free secret and I really just want to airlock him. Ensign Temple is cute, but goes by the book that says only the boys get to date her (this may be changed in the future, but by then it will be too late ... my ship is too small to keep feelings from being hurt). Kaliyo has implied bisexual tendencies, but we’re just friends that like to drink and shoot people in the head. And SCORPIO wants to kill me.

What's that buzzing sound?
 This leaves Vector Hyllus as my only viable companion romance option. Too bad he’s literally infested with bugs and has a constant Borg-like connection to “the Nest.” I’m supposed to have a romance with someone who’s Kilik bug buddies are always watching... Voyeurism is one thing. Bed bugs is something completely different.

 Technically, I don’t have to romance him, but you see, I need my 10,000 affection with him so he can do better on missions and crafting, and what faster way to obtain that than by bedding him? Don’t judge! 

Fortunately, for our recent um.. private moment... he had the courtesy to disconnect from the hive mind (I’m going to trust that he actually did this. I would hate to return to Aldereaan to find “For a good time call Agent Illumin Dust” scrawled on the hive bathroom walls). Afterward, he was all “I do love you, Agent.” And I was all “Yeeeeaaaah could you go get some Rich Yield Medical Supplies?” And all I got was 32 points for my efforts. I guess I’d have gotten more if I told him I loved him back, but I have to have some principles.

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  1. Wait, do you keep the Imperial accent when you do that?

  2. Well my Voss family knew the truth so I didn't have to hide so much, but I thought he understood this was just for show....


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