Posted by : Unknown Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I've been having trouble getting into my Mass Effect 2 plans. I technically don't consider it cheating on my New Year's Resolution, or even on Bioware, since I've been busily working on SWTOR and have my first character to 50, with the other two half way there.

But with the March 6th Mass Effect 3 deadline fast approaching, I really need to get on with it. I've been good, and at least have avoided the Mass Effect 3 demo. I'm not allowed to play it until ME2 is complete. So last night, I loaded it up and headed off to Omega where I was immediately reminded of what Mass Effect is all about.
After this, Molly Shepard got righteously drunk, then beat up on some racist Batarians.

Meanwhile, my husband, who had already been trying to tempt me with the freshly downloaded PS3 demo, fired that up and played it in front of me. I did my best to ignore it. And by "my best," I mean:

"Wooo Anderson!"
"Ashley looks like Miranda a bimbo."
"lol krogan landing."
"AHMAHGAWD Kirrahe!"

Ah and then I had tears watching the demo, and then I had laughs listening to Mordin talk about how helping people as a doctor can mean curing them or executing others.

I am getting the hang of the game play, which is a bit different from the first in many ways. I chose a soldier this time, but am still favouring my blessed sniper rifle. Too bad about the ammo reloading though. WTF is this realism doing in my gaming??? When I want to shoot shit, I should just shoot shit! There is no reloading and hunting for ammo!

I am also learning that I should not charge and try to melee krogans just yet.

Playing this and SWTOR at the same time really makes me appreciate how much better humans are represented in Mass Effect. In the Star Wars - and the Star Trek - realm, humans are uppity punks who are either running around offering peace on their terms, or being racist or condescending bastards against any species other than their own. In Mass Effect, much like Titan A.E. (oh yes I went there!), humans are the underdog, as we should be. We have to fight to earn our rank among the aliens, because really, we are such ignorant little whelps in comparison.

What is not to love about this game? If you are not playing it, I can only ask a resounding WHY NOT?

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  1. Ha I used to breastfeed and game at the same time. There are no excuses! :P

  2. At least not until the kid gets mobile.


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