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FathomFathom by Cherie Priest
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The ageless water witch Arahab has been scheming for eons, gathering the means to awaken the great Leviathan. She aims to bring him and the old gods back to their former glory, caring little that their ascendance will also mean an end to the human race. However, awakening the Leviathan is no small feat. 

But the timing is right and the elementals have better ideas: the moment the girls go under, Bernice is commandeered for Arahab’s task force, and Nia is turned into a strange and powerful new creature by a servant of the earth who doesn’t want to surrender his green fields and muddy plains—not yet, at least. Add in a hapless fire inspector who’s just trying to get his paperwork in order, a fire god whose neutrality has been called into question, and a bizarre religious cult, and rural Florida doesn’t seem quite so sleepy anymore.

I picked this up without hesitation because I enjoyed the first book I'd read by Cherie Priest, Bloodshot. This book is a very different style, which I appreciate.

Beyond that, I'm not quite sure what to think of this book. I want to give it two stars because there was a lot that didn't happen and characters that didn't get fleshed out ... but I didn't hate the story. If this was an introduction to future stories, then perhaps I can appreciate it more, but some how, it doesn't seem so.

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