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My initial issue with this show is the fact that it's called Comic Book MEN. I hate to automatically jump on the political correctness train, but, considering the issues female geeks continue to deal with, I'd like to think Kevin Smith of all people, would at least break this stereotype with something as small as a title. Comic Book People, maybe? Comic Book Geeks? I mean, sure the show is about these particular men, but, as other reviews have noted, this show is evidently not intent on breaking any of the nerd-in-mom's-basement stereotypes. Women and everything else be damned.

So this is a reality show that is supposed to give us some insight into the life and times of comic book collectors and store owners. Smith proclaims it an "ode to nerds," but frankly, being a nerd, I found it to be the most boring ode I've ever heard. It would make Tom Bombadil cry. Smith leads the cast in a round table environment for most of the show, where topics are vaguely touched on and there are some vague attempts at wit and humour. Having watched An Evening With Kevin Smith shortly before watching this, the dearth of humour, was disappointing. In fact, the whole process was downright boring.

If this is supposed to be a show for nerds, there is very little to actually interest us. If you're not going to bother to break the stereotypes, then go all out with the sources of those stereotypes and chat about the hardcore things fandom wants to discuss, like why everyone hates Aquaman. Who is faster? Quicksilver or Flash? And what will Superman and Batman name their new baby?

Interspersed throughout the show are visits to flea markets and visits from patrons, some of whom are looking for appraisals for their unique collectibles. Basically, it's and extremely boring version of American Pickers or Pawn Stars for geeks. Nothing, other than the fact that it's about comic book store life makes this show a unique addition to the reality TV collection.

As for the men themselves, well, we know Kevin Smith. There's a guy doing a Jesus impression, and a guy named Ming, which I know, because everyone keeps using his name. It's fun to say. Ming. See? Otherwise, I have no clue who the others are and none of them have enough personality, to make me want to know. I hear Jason Mewes is visiting in the next episode. Is it sweeps week already?

At the end of the day, I have not yet learned what it is like to be a comic store owner. If I were a non-geek, I'd have no real interest in learning more about this world as none of the people involved really seem all that interested in it either. And, as a geek, I got so little trivia or passion to work with, that I have to wonder if these guys actually are real comic book men.

If you want to see how proper comic book geeks (male AND female) would roll, check this out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Barf.Hey, women, go back to your little corner and mend my socks! Oh, wait, never mind, these kind of men don't have women.

  2. Yeah, thanks for prewatching this for me - honestly it sounds like the parts that aren't just depressing would actively bore me. It's so...frustrating. Kevin Smith has a great platform to be a positive force for the presentation of comics books & comic book culture. It's a shame he seems to want to do it a trendy fuck you to people who want to put in effort to do better instead of trying to make the subculture look like a hipster man-cave. Like his films if they *didn't* have that veneer of irony and apathetic self-judgement I always thought they had. But hey, maybe not.

    Oh well, I guess I can rest easy I won't be missing out on anything. MEH.

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