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GUILD LIFE: I was hesitant to form a Guild because, back in FFXI, that meant obligation and I didn’t want to fall into that trap again. When there are things to do, no one wants to step up and do them; they need someone to lead them. Fortunately, the game is set up in such a way that you can accomplish as much or as little as you want on your own and if you want to complete something bigger, the low number requirements make it rather easy. So far, we’ve not felt the need to plan events. Usually, it’s more of an impromptu “Hey, there are four of us on – want to do a Flashpoint?” All of the stress I feared about being a Guildmaster is non-existent. Credit to my Guildmates for that, as well as the game dynamics. We are all casual and mature players with priorities outside of the game who don’t need the in game pressures of obligations. This game is very well suited for such players, allowing us to level in various ways, to group or not to group – to literally just play the way we want to.

CRAFTING: My husband loves this aspect of any game, making it his number one priority. He has two alt characters specifically to create his goodies and he’s been supplying many of our Guildmates. I, who hated crafting, am enjoying the system as well and have been making things here and there for friends. It’s terribly easy to level a craft, though financing it is always a limitation if it’s the only thing you do. It’s fairly easy to make credits though, if you make use of the many options available to do so. There have been one or two adjustments since launch to help balance the funds.

RACES: I remain disappointed in the limited choices. There are many species represented within the NPCs (including various companions), but other than the Twi’lek, the choices are mostly humans with slight variations. It’s as if Bioware got through programming lekku and just got tired of the entire process and refused to make any other alternatives.

GALACTIC MARKET: There are certain things that ought to be standard in MMO auction houses by now. I say this, having been spoiled by City of Heroes. The first is a searchable database (which SWTOR does have, thankfully) and the second and most important is previous sales tracking. Nothing is more annoying than trying to put something up for sale with no idea of the market value.

OPERATIVE: I am loving the storyline for the Imperial Agent. I believe it is the only one that actually deals with fighting the war itself, while the others are more side quests that happen to involve military interactions. I will offer no further details as this story line really should not be spoiled if you ever wish to play an Agent. Enjoy the intrigue! Please note, though, that great storyline is balanced by crappy companions. Well, Kaliyo is fine, but my next two companions. Well. Let’s just say that, on principal, I have no interest in hanging out with them and intend to keep them locked in the back corner of my unfortunately very small ship Craft, mutant bitches. Just shut up and craft. Logistically, I am learning how to handle my Operative in various situations. I’m spec’ing her to heal, though I’m disappointed in not being able to do more in the DoT skill tree. Corrosive Grenades? Yes please. Adjusting my play style (having been used to mostly running around with company), I’ve figured out how to handle soloing better. Technically, I’m not alone, though. Companions (the non freaky ones) are amazing. They can even do things humans can’t like NOT ATTACK THE MOB I JUST SLEPT.

SITH INQUISITOR: I created a Sorcerer to try out the force wielding side of things and another healing option, but decided that I wanted a pure damage dealer and created an Assassin as well.

LEARNING CURVE: I could look things up on the various guides and wikis out there, but (A) I can’t alt-tab on my computer because SWTOR doesn’t like that, (B) I’m too lazy to get my laptop and (C) I don’t want to. One of the obvious joys (frustration for some, I suppose) is starting the game fresh with everyone. We all have to figure these things out ourselves. Surprisingly, some of the guides haven’t even been made or updated yet. I assumed the keeners would be right on that, but I suppose they are too busy playing. For the most part, people in general chat are helpful. Bioware even emails respective class guides out every time your characters reach level 10.

QUESTING: One of the many ways to level is, as usual, questing. But ye gods, there are sooooo many quests! You want to tell NPCs to leave you alone but... the expees! The credits! Plus many quests have interesting story lines and returning later to a planet will introduce you to whole new parts of the world that you didn’t get to before through bonus quests. But oh ye gods... so many! But hey, if that's your way, then it's a great way to level!

YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT: I hate elitism . I hate the idea of spending hours within a group to try to get a randomly dropped item that you have to earn Guild points to get. I believe there are such items in SWTOR and in some cases, they require a group to get to them, but mostly, if you want the L33T gearz, then you can earn it all on your lonesome. If you enjoy crafting? Then you make your own. If you like PvP? Then you earn your commendations and purchase gear, or hope for the really good gear in PvP lock boxes. Flashpoints also feature good gear. And if you don’t really care about the fancy stuff, then just grab what you get from world commendations and quests.

PvP: I don't like Huttball as much as I thought I would. It's too chaotic. But I did codex a score, so yay me! I prefer Voidstar and Civil War. Still chaotic, but perhaps easier to strategize and explain the strategy to others.


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