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Although I signed up for the aquafit class before Christmas and have commissioned my co-worker, who is also in the class, to yell at me if I skipped class for no good reason, I decided not to add my aquafit adventure to my New Year’s Resolutions because it is exercise and I just don’t get along well with regularly scheduled exercise.

My sister is a marathonning fiend and my brother has always tried to advise me on exercise options, while mocking me about going once in a row to that local gym that I got a membership for (it was three times, thank you!) During my early twenties, I clung to the notion that my excessive night clubbing was all the exercise I needed. I tried to do the whole Wii Fit thing and then tried a fancy Women’s Health exercise routine, but quit both after a few months and a few weeks respectively. I made it to three or four of my belly dance boot camp classes before Christmas and even bought a much needed exercise mat, but then I found various excuses not to go, including “then don’t go if you don’t want to go,” from my husband who was supposed to have responded to my whining by saying “You just spent money on that class and that exercise mat! You’re damn well going to go and you’re going to like it!” It’s not that I didn’t like it. I didn’t like going, but when I got there, I enjoyed it well enough. But I didn’t love it.

So last week, aquafit started. (The evening classes, not the daytime ones with the old ladies). And I love it. Well, no. That’s a bit much. But I was happy with it and am not getting that needling desire to find excuses not to go. I’ve done aquafit before and enjoyed it. Actually, I did diaper fit, where we all had our babies tethered to us in lil floaty boats. I like the low impact of the water, while still giving you a helluva work out. The class is taught by my daughter’s former swim instructor. I liked her better when she was yelling at my three-year-old instead. She’s very good though. Except when she sits up on the diving board, holding on to the bars and instructing us on how to make figure eights with our legs without moving our arms. Impossible! Even Aquaman couldn’t do that. I just work with the assumption that she can’t see my legs underwater. Which is the other fun thing about this class. None of us are synchronized swimmers, I assure you. So there’s a lot of splashing and apologizing and almost water jogging into each other and a lot of laughing at our general lack of mermaid genetics.

It sure beats my previous plans to replace my gaming chair with a stationary bike (though that’s still on the table). Of course, I’m saying this after only two sessions, but I think I’m committed, well enough.

Totally earned that burger I had afterwards.

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  1. Kudos on the class, do you think the instructor sees that you're not positioning your legs right & is giving you a pass? For some reason I always think that when you are not doing something the way they expect they come after you but it's only 2 classes so far so she's being gentle. I use to swim twice a week but since I gain a lil something I've avoided the pool like a cat.

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  3. She'd have to come in the pool to get me and really, I want to see her actually do these things in the pool so I can believe they are possible. When she's standing on deck, holding on to bars to support her weight, it's hard to believe that I can do the same thing without that support.


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