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Ashley! I choose yooooooou!
This weekend, I put Mass Effect on hold to give myself time to come to terms with my recent decisions. Still loving that game and eagerly wanting to get through it so that I can meet Jack and start romancing my crew in Mass Effect 2. Because that is waaay more important than the fate of the universe, yo.

I also gave up the PC so that J could mess around with his Trooper in the SWTOR weekend beta.

Final Fantasy XI was my first MMO and my first love. While everyone is making the inevitable World of Warcraft comparisons, I am always going to think about how everything is not like FFXI. Still, SWTOR will have one major advantage over FFXI for me and my husband, because, after a decade of being separate in FFXI, SWTOR finally convinced my husband to get another computer so that we can play together. Final Fantasy XIV was supposed to be that game, but, lol. We'll see what happens when Version 2.0 comes out in the future.

And also pick up milk.
He's decided, after some floundering, to be a Trooper. My first choice is always going to be the bad guys, since everyone and their mom wants to be a hero, so I have an Imperial Agent prepped, but will also be a Jedi Consular to compliment his Trooper's ranged DPS. My Jedi at least satisfies my desire to have a Twi'lek character, though I wanted the species choice to be available for Agents. I tried out a few other jobs during testing weekends, but ultimately decided I'd rather wait so I can play with J and not have to repeat quests. He, however, has gotten himself all the way to level 25, gotten himself a ship and companions, started crafting, made some money, and bedded several NPCs.

Meanwhile, I've been stressing myself out with Batman: Arkham City. I've stopped answering Zsasz's phones and I'm mostly ignoring Riddler's riddles. I've managed to open up a few new challenges which I've happily succeeded at, mostly, but game play is done for now, to avoid controller-related violence.

I've been doing pretty well with avoiding walkthrus but had to give in once or twice when I got stuck - usually when trying to find my way into or out of somewhere. Someone needs to explain to me why buildings in Gotham cannot have doors and pathways in easily accessible places. Do they not understand my navigational issues? And don't put blinky green things on my map to lead me in one direction if I'm supposed to go another, especially if Killer Croc is going to jump out and scare the crap out of me. As if I haven't had enough mini heart attack surprises, not the least of which belongs to a giant frakking shark. Batman has Bat Shark Repellent, this is not supposed to happen! Fortunately, the shark showed up after a particularly frustrating moment and served to make me laugh quite a bit. Afterwards, not so much, but at least he did get a beatdown.

I've just finished taking down Mr. Freeze in only two tries (that other time doesn't count!) which is a moment of pride for me, but now I am off to do something unBatman-related so I can relax. Sheesh.

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  1. That's so cool you & the hubby are playing together. Kudos on the additional PC in the house.

    Batman do give you those moments where you want to smash the controller, right now I'm stuck in the part with the shark, my sense of direction is off so it feels like I'm looking in the same place over & over.

    Thanks for the invite to SWTOR, I'm not much into MMO but have tried in the past my issue is finding the time to build up my character so by the time I get to a certain point it feels like everyone else is years ahead.

  2. My sense of direction is horrible, and I had to look it up to figure out how to get to Mr. Freeze. That was when I realized that the walls were pretty distinct, with big markers to identify the entrances/exits. So that just left the trouble of getting to those spots, which I messed up several times lol.

    Getting into an MMO long after everyone else is tough. It wasn't so bad when I played City of Heroes recently, but Final Fantasy and WoW would be pretty difficult now with everyone being a veteran and not really wanting to go back through the beginner stuff. My husband tried to restart FFXI to play with me, but it was just too frustrating, plus I had all my high level events that left him alone.

    Starting from the ground up with him, with friends and with everyone else is going to be a neat experience.

  3. Doors suck, EVERY city has boring doors. The travel brochure for Gotham says "visit classic architecture, a vibrant city life and unique entrances to cesspools of crime and heartache!"


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