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This is a weekly collection of interesting pages/sites that I've stumbled across along my internetly travels.

The Walking Dead Board Game
In The Walking Dead Board game, only the strong survive. The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! 

All fun and games until the zombies toss over the game board because they landed on your hotel one too many times.

Brave Scientists Record and Study Kids Losing Their Shit
A team of scientists have spent the last several months studying the moments in a parent's life that seem like they last an eternity— children's temper tantrums. And they found there's a lot more to the angry screaming and flailing and hysterical "I HATE YOU"s than meets the eye.

And they wonder why mommy drinks from those big glasses.

Star Trek Holodecks are here - sort of
The Holodeck on Star Trek produces a completely immersive environment, complete with solid objects and changing landscapes. We’re not there yet, but a couple of companies in Britain have made a stab at building something like it using a bunch of relatively simple projectors, Sony Move controllers, and some creative visual tricks.


H&M Puts Real Model Heads On Fake Bodies
The bodies of most of the models H&M features on its website are computer-generated and "completely virtual," the company has admitted. H&M designs a body that can better display clothes made for humans than humans can, then "dresses" it by drawing on its clothes, and digitally pastes on the heads of real women in post-production. For now — in the future, even models' faces won't be considered perfect enough for online fast fashion, and we'll buy all of our clothing from cyborgs. 

But I like the cyborg bikinis...

Teacher Totally Ruins Christmas For Deluded 7-Year-Olds
Last week during a geography lesson at George W. Miller Elementary School in Nanuet, NY, children in Leatrice Ann Eng's class told her that they know about the North Pole because that's where Santa Claus lives. Deciding that it was high time the second-graders faced reality, Eng informed them that Santa isn't real and their Christmas presents are purchased by their parents. (Special message to junior Jezebel readers: This lady was sorely mistaken. And in case you were wondering, Santa has a toy factory in China and he and your mom just have remarkably similar handwriting.) Eng is now calling each child's parents to apologize for making this an exceptionally uncomfortable holiday and planting seeds of doubt about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

That's why you always gotta tell your kids the partial truth to save face when someone else crushes their dreams for you.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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