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My other extra-curricular activities were thwarted last week when I gained early access to SWTOR. Actually, since J and I planned to play together, I was willing to be patient and wait for his, so I managed to finish my second play through of Mass Effect (needed some trophies and to do a few things that I missed, including properly romancing Liara, which also resulted in a trophy. What is love if not for such rewards?). I started up Mass Effect 2, but J got his early access invite so off we went!

Illumin Dust, my Operative to his Bounty Hunter happily fulfilled our lofty dream of finally playing an MMO together. We explored Hutta and were level 10 before a few of our other friends and Guild mates got their access. I love the way the game allows us to accomplish so much with so few players. It’s perfect for us, though we do go our separate ways, or team up with others for the bigger stuff from time to time.

 I created two more characters last night. Actually, I deleted a Jedi Consular so I could use the name for a Sith Inquisitor instead. Being evil is just more fun. However, one of my new characters is a Trooper, Jemadya, whom I’ve immediately fallen in love with because she's voiced by Jennifer Hale, so I get some more FemShep love (which almost makes up for the LIES about Claudia Black voicing the Sith Warrior) and because she’s got a great butt. Yes, you heard me. I chose the fourth body model for her and I love the junk in her trunk so much that I strongly considered remaking my really-needs-a-sammich Illumin just so she could have that body frame too. I am nothing if not materialistic. If I have to watch that ass run around for the next little while, it ought to be pleasant to do so.

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about Khem Val, my Inquisitor’s companion, with his vagina dentata face and his mighty loincloth, under which, my friend claims, he keeps tentacles and a whole lot of frustration. Illumin’s companion, Kaliyo, keeps confusing me with her fickle approval. She doesn’t like me showing any kind of concern over insignificant people, which is all good, but she hypocritically toys with me when it comes to doing my duty, getting the job done quickly and obeying authority.

 I tried out my first PvP runs in Huttball and on The Voidstar. Huttball is easily my favourite, but during the Voidstar run, I made best friends with a player who solidified my desires to be a Trooper Commando. By “bestfriends,” I mean I figured out his tactic of standing back and throwing down a shitload of AoE action on my teammates with his big ol’canon, so I started standing back and focusing on him and eventually we just started hunting each other down. There was much death on my part, but I did not go down easily (except those times when I kept jumping off the wrong ledge). I am proud to report that it took at least 5 of them obnoxious Jedi bouncing all around the place with their lightning and lightsabers to take me down and I made sure to poison and grenade all of them bitches before I went. I’m not a fan of regular PvP, but I can see myself becoming quite obsessed with this.

I’m glad to have the PvP money making option since I am sooo not a fan of crafting. J is happily on his way and I have started some Cybertech, but it’s half-hearted thus far, even though I do appreciate the process they have created. There is still some micro management during these early stages, but, as the crafting items and missions become more difficult, I understand that my companions will be tied up for much longer periods. This is the bonus for me. I hate having to sit there crafting, waiting for my piddly skill ups to appear. Now I can just send my companions on their merry way while I go about my business.

 Initially, there were some things about the game I disliked, but I won’t bother to go into them. Some just require getting used to, while others just require patience since this is a brand new MMO that will morph with time and play. There are many who are rushing through, but, one of the things I really like about this game is the way it rewards you greatly for taking your time to enjoy the sites and the story that Bioware has put so much effort in to. There are times when I don’t even realize I’ve levelled because I’m just busy playing the game, as opposed to merely grinding through experience points.

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  1. Khem is starting to bother me. I play with my wife and she has him as a companion and every so often, Khem just looks over his shoulder at me all creepy like, as if to say "Little Hunter, do you wish to see under my cloth?"

    Crafting is great and is a money synch at lower levels, I am holding off on it until I get my speeeder bike. I am crafting with materials I find and reverse engineering to get new schematics.

    So far, the game is just a nice world that is coming together the more I play it. Have you tried the sabaac tables or the juke boxes in the cantinas?


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