• Posted by : Wendy B Thursday, 8 December 2011

    This is what Panda (3) asked out of the blue on the way back home this morning after dropping her sister at school.

    "Pardon?" I asked, confused by this leap from discussions about snow and hail to Joker's well-being.

    "Is Joker still sick?"

    "Oh!" I finally understood, "Yes, I think. I have to get him the medicine."

    "Then his face will be fixed?"

    "I hope so. Batman is sick, too."

    "Oh my gosh! Where is the medicine?"

    "Well, actually, I tried to get the medicine from Mr. Freeze, but then Joker stole it."

    "Why would he do that?"

    "Well, Joker is kind of mean."

    "He should have asked you nicely."

    "Yes, that would have been better."

    "Maybe he's mean because no one is very nice to him. If people stopped being mean to Joker, maybe he will be nice, too?"

    Hear that Bruce? Your job might be a bit easier if you just tried being a bit nicer...

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    Becka said...


    Also, I still haven't finished my second Dragon Age playthrough which I'm making myself complete before I start ME2. I'm torn between researching my romantic options before I start that game so I make a good choice and just seeing what I feel like saying at the time. Because clearly that is the most important thing...right?

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