Posted by : Unknown Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cylons don't particularly appreciate being referred to as "toasters," but if they had to choose a domestic appliance to be compared to, they would definitely choose a Dyson.

Somewhere, a baby feminist cried because this is what I really and truly wanted for Christmas and this is what I went out and got. (There might have been a steam carpet cleaner on my wish list too, but the bank account can only go so far. There was also talk of a new dishwasher.)

This vacuum is so damn awesome that, not only did it increase my Domestic Goddess status 10 levels, but my husband actually used it (for all of two minutes in a 2M area but oh what he picked up in that moment!). I've since gone on to do the rest of the house -- which isn't that big -- and had to empty the canister four times and made four new cats (or it could have just sucked up one of my cats who'd been too slow to escape). I won't proclaim myself to be any kind of Molly Maid, but this vacuum certainly proved its worth and proved just how needed it was.

Aside from the two cats, I also have two daughters, one of whom has asthma and the other has never been able to breath properly through her nose. Having a Dyson really should have been a priority, I realize.

Now if I could find something to completely vaporize dust before it lands on my furniture. I would be so very happy.


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