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Missing: One large black man. If found, please return to...
Has anyone mentioned to you that you are just ambling along slower than a walker this season? I’m only hanging on out of dumb loyalty at this point, and thankfully, there’s FINALLY been some pay off, however slight at this point.

I suppose you’ve been trying really hard to be dramatic by building up some relationships and breaking down others. But at the end of the day, I’m still not at all invested in any of these characters. I can barely remember their names and won’t remember them when they die.

But the thing is, you won’t kill them.

I remember reading about how the writer didn’t want Rick to survive the first season. I was very happy to hear that. It’s not about me not liking happy endings. It’s about me not liking Hollywood endings. Excuse my Jamaican, but the “star bwai cyahn die” trope is so very, very old and boring – and very unrealistic when zombies are in the mix. Hell, I actually WANT you to fulfill the "Black Guy Always Dies" trope at this point so I can get some action (though I see he's conspicuously missing from the promo images).

You’re hurting me the way Heroes season two hurt me: veeeeeery slowly. The first season was edge of your seat greatness; never knowing what was around the next corner.

But we’re past that now. We know what’s around the next corner. It’s a zombie. Bash its head in and move on.

Oh well. I hear the comics are great and they aren't bound to mainstream TV rules. I'll put The Walking Dead back on my DVR list when it starts being good again.

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  1. Paul says:

    I could not agree more. Luis V. posted a great article that i absolutely agree with. Glenn saying that they treated the dead like a joke, no kidding, too little too late. They also treated survival like it was a given and felt like they needed to argue instead of do something. Horrible season.



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