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Only fair that I cover the other side, even though I'm not too excited about Team Scott's books. The majority of my favourite characters are over there, and Storm and Emma are the only thing truly keeping me on this side. I really wasn't sure what to expect from them. All I could imagine after Regenesis was Psylocke skulking around the island handling security. Point, me, for calling that one.

So let's start with Uncanny X-Men #1, where we find Mr. Sinister has returned. That is your first warning sign. When Marvel can't think of something new and interesting, they just resurrect the tried and true. Or make them heroes. Like almost everyone on Scott's new "Extinction Team." What is the Extinction Team, you ask? Well, it's a team of former super villains and/or terrorists and/or crazy and/or demon-possessed mutants. And Storm and Hope.
LOL sit down, Scott.
Scott's new idea is to save mutants from humanity is to save humans from humanity and anything else that might try to kill them off. He makes it clear that the team must protect all mutants, including those that have run off to Westchester to have a life and apparently are incapable of taking care of themselves. Fortunately, this being a comic, extinction level events happen every two weeks or so. So if the Extinction Team can save the world from enough of them, humans will come to love and fear mutants enough to leave them the hell alone. There's no word on whether or not the extinction level events will cease at that point, but at least Scott will finally get to chillax. No clue what the quota is for extinction level events either, but it must be extremely high, considering we're probably well over a few thousand by now.

Anyway, Mr. Sinister, who doesn't like being dead but does like Summers blood, is back and totally down with this plan, he informs them, wreaking holy hell and setting up Sinister Land. Along the way, Magneto tries to make friends with Storm who basically tells him to fuck off because she's really only here because Scott whined. Piotr says "da" a lot and loses his clothes. Danger reports back useless information. Nemesis uses current internet catch phrases. And Namor flirts with Emma.

I'm down with OTP.
Basically, the scene above and Namor were all the interested me. I don't know much about Namor, but am now curious to learn if his life is mainly devoted to bedding the more powerful ladies on the super teams. Let it be noted that I was kinda partial to his marriage to Storm in Age of X.

Meanwhile, in Astonishing X-Men #43, the book I am dreading most since four of the five team members that I liked have left the team, we have Danger escapading with Emma in hopes of rescuing a potentially dangerous computer consciousness. There is bonding.  There is breaking in. There is boredom. Hopefully, Greg Rucka will improve things in #44 and we'll find out what that kiss really means.

Finally, I read X-Men #20 to round things off. Serious business here, with sentinels being built and Domino doing her best not to get blown away by one as Storm and her team try to get through War Machine to get to her.

I'm still wait and see about Team Scott. My biggest disappointment so far is Storm. Seeing her here makes me cringe since she doesn't want to be here at all but is just doing her duty. Where will that tension lead, I wonder...

Wolverine and the X-Men might have been too off the wall for some, but at least it was something new and a little bit amusing. In comparison, these three books haven't offered much of anything but the same old resurrected thing.

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  1. Paul says:

    LOL! I would love to have a bikini'd sexy security system. In fact, if I have photoshop time, I'm going to make an ad for Psylocke's Sexy Security Systems Inc.

    Namor is all about bedding ladies. It doesn't matter if they're married, divorced, dead, alive, etc.



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