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My friends have been going on and on about Mass Effect and, after seeing this video of Jack, I decided to finally stop with the excuses and get personal with this game instead of just enjoying their spoiler-free commentary. Unfortunately, both Steam and our computer teamed up to thwart me, but they underestimated my husband's desire to keep me happy. After digging through the bowels of many forums, he figured out why the game refused to play and then I was off and running.

Sniping is fun!
Positive point one for the game is that it allows me to personalize my character. I don't entirely like how Molly Shephard looks in the end, but that's a graphics issue that will improve as the versions do. Fortunately, I'm liking everything else about the game so far that I can force myself to ignore her appearance. I opted for an Infiltrator, having taken a recent liking to sniping. So far, I'm liking it a lot, but I have not yet figured out the right team set up to go with it. Kaidan's been getting a bit antsy, but there's only so many times I feel like raising him in the middle of a fight when I know Ashley can hold her own.

This is the first time I'm seriously playing a PC game that requires so much of my attention. I would like to think that I am figuring out the controls well enough. I judge this by the fact that on my last mission, I did not die when the shit hit the fan. No, okay, it was just luck that time. But I'm getting there and without any Wiki help. In fact, I've surprised myself by not getting the Mako blown up at all (okay there was that one time...) and even managing to coordinate my actions enough to fire and move to avoid fire. Of course, I don't have to worry about telling the others what to do while I'm in the Mako. Learning to play this game well on PC has become my new goal.
Okay... so I have a little ways to go...


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