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New York City and the East Coast are picking up the pieces hit by more than one inch of snowfall before Halloween for the first time ever - with experts predicting much more on the way. Three people were killed as the classic nor'easter chugged up the East Coast at an unusually early period and more than 2.3 million homes have lost power in the storm. Governors declared states of emergency in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts of New York, as snow blanketed areas from Maryland to Maine, snarling air and highway travel. ~The Daily Mail

I'm sorry. Did you say "more than one inch"?

Now, I understand that ice and wind can make for great inconveniences when they get involved with hydro wires, but .. um... state of emergency? Hey, remember that time China was almost completely shut down for weeks?  Yeeeeeah.....

This is how we handle snow in Canada, bitches!
Some might blame my lack of compassion on the fact that I live in an igloo with my polar bears and snow shoes --- but in truth, a lot of Canadians just live on the other side of those Great Lakes we share and our weather tends to only be slightly worse than yours. We tend to react to snow and even storms by putting on appropriate gear, strapping on the snow tires,  salting the roads and using our common sense. Okay, there was that one time Mel Lastman called in the army, but that's Mel Lastman. He also decorated the city with moose.

Sure, an October snow is surprising. It would be for us too, but, the thing is, in February, about 20 years ago when I visited family in New Jersey, your reaction was the same. I, in my innocence, asked if I could go to the mall. I was looked at in horrified shock. "NO! YOU CAN'T! IT'S A SNOW STORM!"

I could have blamed the reaction on my family being Jamaican, but no, they had lived in the US for a long time by then. I could have blamed their reaction on it being an actual snow storm,  but in fact, the snow was falling in those big fluffy beautiful flakes that Fred Astaire might dance in. Yet, by the time I was naively asking to go to the mall, the city was discussing the extension of the school year because they had already had two weeks of snow days because of weather like this.

Again, that was 20 years ago. Some how, two decades has not been enough for the upper States to figure out what to do when it snows, no matter when in the season this occurs. That's pretty pathetic.

On the positive side, this gives me comfort. I am assured now that the US will never win a war against Canada unless they can pull it off between May and September. Our oil is safe.

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