Posted by : Unknown Monday, 5 September 2011

I got me a Tumblr account to reblog my daughter's Storm drawing from Fuck Yeah Storm. Since then, I've been randomly reblogging a few things I find from various Tumblogs that amuse and/or interest me.

Today, I decided to post a few images of my own, one of which was this image of Magneto and Emma Frost where she describes Cyclops in a way I felt showed an understanding and support of him that I don't think Jean was ever shown to have, psychic link be damned.

I assumed that, since only digitaltempest was following me, my little blog was just a repository for myself. I was wrong and today and learned what Tumblr is really about.

No wait, that's not true. Digitaltempest has pointed out many amusing fandom arguments and tangents that stem from such posts. I obviously wasn't thinking about this when I included this quote:
Did Jean ever understand and support Scott the way Emma does?
...and pissed off at least one Jean/Scott shipper.

Ah fandom. I have so much to learn from you.

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  1. Don't you love it when your Tumblog goes nuts with fandom comments. Tags make it so easy for people to follow you and reshare. Though, I'd probably given that Scott/Jean shipper a piece of my mind in the form of an animated gif because while her/his opinion is totally valid, there's no need for that aggression.

  2. Not saying that yours wasn't totally valid as well, but that comment by the shipper wasn't the way to express their dislike. It's almost like they thing you hang around in the fandom just to piss someone off.

  3. lol no worries. I made the comment kind of to myself because that's what I thought of the scene. I didn't realize that I could have started a shitstorm with that!

    And you know me... I was very tempted to respond to that guy because really, drama? Why you need to bring it and now I have to give it back?? But I resisted my temptations and just updated my design to make it clear in my lil description that I'm posting this shit for me. Not you.

    Besides, everyone knows Emma/Scott is way better than Jean/Scott ...


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