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Mitchell is playing with a ‘forty foot toucan’, Megan is dissecting a cantelope, Alessia is refusing to tidy up, George is explaining how he barfed and Jessica and Anastasia are playing princess...separately.
This is reality TV at its finest. It's kids being allowed to be kids, as opposed to this. There is romance, art, science, conflict and drama. What more could you want?
A celebration of the world of first times, big emotions, new friendships, instant tears and endless play, The Jungle Room allows children at home an unbiased and engaging reflection of themselves. Big people, such as the teacher Anthony, are present to guide and to facilitate the play and interactions. We get the children's version of what's going on as they share their experiences in one-on-one interviews. For great candid moments within a real-world environment and a deeper understanding of how preschoolers think and feel, visit The Jungle Room!
The show is pegged as being for preschools by preschoolers, but as a parent, I can't help but love it (Mitchell is the best). I stumbled across the description on TVO and determined that, as they intended, this would be a great way to help kids see what it's like to enter kindergarten (and daycare). Since we started watching it, my husband and I could not help but watch it with the girls. It, and its sequel, The Ocean Room,  are now a part of our morning routine. (The Ocean Room's personalities aren't quite as dynamic as its predecessor, but occasionally, we get dramatic moments like Aidan's salt eating to make up for it).

Even though these aren't my children, it certainly helped to be able to peek into the daycare world, (though I'm not sure my daycare providers are quite this cool). Children act completely differently when away from their parents. Having the opportunity to see that is priceless. Well, not priceless. It's actually reasonably expensive and there's a really long waiting list.

The Canadian Council on Learning takes things a step further, inviting parents to "Gorilla Parenting" sessions where The Jungle Room is the main attraction.
Each of the 10-minute segments reveals a world that moms and dads rarely get to see—kids playing in a parentless environment, or the "Jungle Room." From conflict to creativity, negotiating to nurturing, the kids at play allow us to see how they naturally go about interacting with their world. ~Newswire


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