Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I bought Little Big Planet for me, but the girls have been having a grand old time. Apparently, it is gut busting fun to simply hang out in the pod and smack each other and make faces.

Bunny will play, but it's not easy, so mostly, she and I just hang out in the first level.

Hubby has also been playing into the wee hours and, being the thorough person he is at everything but housework, he has surpassed me and even took the time to go through the tutorials, which he introduced me to last night.

Meanwhile, Bunny recently decided to make up her own language, Pinego, which she is teaching me (we're on letter "L"). The language is used by the Pinego people (obviously), who live on Pinego Island.

So last night, as I went through the LBP tutorials, a thought struck me.

I'm gonna build her a world to play in that a 5yo can handle, that is all for her.

I'm building Pinego Island.

I'll take that Best Mom Ever t-shirt now, thanks.

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  1. im cuted to death. years ago I watched a kid for a friend while his mom and my gf went out. I made a board game for him from fingernail polish dice and pokemon toys. He loved that little game I made for him.

    I mean really, stop talking about cute kids and stuff I am trying to only think of them as poop making food taking machines. You are not helping...

    I need my own land now and language!!!


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