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So badass.
Wandering around Youtube for one thing or another led me to the trailer for DC Universe Online and I suddenly found myself missing my little villaness, Shelucid, a mental Controller with the ability of flight, and a penchant for not wearing much and changing the not much often. I claim Emma Frost as my inspiration.

After the PSN hack, I ended up quitting DCUO ... but every now and then, I'd think about it.

Why would I think about it? Why, because of all the fancy costuming options, of course.

Pants are for nerds.
Following a friend's post informing us that a recent update has allowed the taking of screenshots on the PS3, my temptation was complete. Hubby secretly re-installed it while I was upstairs diligently trying to read while the kids tackled me.

What was the first thing I did when I logged back in? Why preened in my costumes and took pictures, of course.

"Aww I missed watching you get dressed," said hubby from his perch, playing World of Tanks. He also missed Power Girl.

Honestly, if it weren't for the costuming versatility, I'd be quite bored of this game. Once you reach the level cap of 30, which doesn't take that long to do, the object of the game becomes grinding away at various tasks in order to achieve better equipment and skill points to help you grind away at various tasks better.

Of course, grinding it the result, biproduct and process of any MMO. I only recently quit Final Fantasy XI because, after almost a decade, I'd finally grown tired of the grind. Not even the temptation of thigh high boots for my sexy Elvaan could bring me back this time.

While I disapproved of the cap raise in Final Fantasy XI from 75 to 90 (and eventually 99), there was still so much to do, even in the process of leveling up other jobs. Even with the regular additions of a new raid here and a new alert there, I just don't see much to keep me interested in DCUO for long. 

I'm not into PvP, so I will miss out on the apparent joys of that aspect. Nothing impressed me more than being humped and harassed by the enemy, many levels my senior. Or the guy many levels my junior who was really really determined to bring me down. Poor thing. I hope he appreciated the mercy round I gave him when I got tired of the annoyance. 

I also have a hero whom I have not put as much effort into. I like her looks, but I'm not a very good RPGer. I tend to prefer characters that look like me. I just can't get a feel for this one. Actually, it probably has more to do with the pose I gave her. She looks and moves like she has something significant stuck in her bum.

I  learned, this being my first real venture into an MMO with factions, that heroes suck. Villains seem to have their shit together and get it done. heroes seem to spend an excessive amount of time shouting without purpose and discussing various people's mothers. And there are so much more of them. Everyone wants to be a good guy and invariably, create heroes that mimic existing ones and come up with creative names like "Batmann."

A lot of my apathy for DCUO and even FFXI probably has something to do with my down payment on SW:TOR. I'm going to be terribly happy if I get to play dress up with a sexy Twi'lek like this one.

In the mean time, I'll continue playing dress up with SheLucid and my Sack Thing on Little Big Planet (who is currently dressed like Elektra with jeans and a tank top).


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