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I have two daughters. Unless I turn off the TV or DVD player (which I won't do ... who else will babysit my kids while I play video games?), it is impossible to hide from Disney Princesses, Fairies and Dora etc any more than the boys can be kept away from the Diego, Spiderman, etc. Yay! Gender stereotyping!

It's also impossible to prevent others from inflicting them upon your daughters anyway, as evidenced by my husband's vehement stand against turning his girls into princesses, which served only to inspire some friends and family to defy him.

While I believe that Dora and Kailan teach better life lessons than the Disney princesses, I am not against the lovely ladies and don't mind my girls playing dress up accordingly. I personally decorated their rooms with Ariel and Tinkerbell, have bought the dolls, movies and costumes by request, and was most certainly NOT going to miss The Princess and the Frog.

I suppose I should have started on the indoctrination into geekhood sooner. I should have pounced on the moment when Bunny looked at her Spiderman and Friends puzzle and asked me who the girl with the white hair was.

"That's Storm," I told her. "She's beautiful," she promptly replied.

Unfortunately, I was long since out of comics at this point. Thankfully, a few friends have remedied me of this ailment and I am passing the love on to my kids, digging out my old comics, along with a whole bunch of 80s nostalgia.

Rewards like this swell a Geek Mom's heart.

Next up is Star Wars. I'm slightly hesitant in letting them watch the movies just yet because I remember the nightmares that damned garbage monster gave me...

When I was younger, my brother introduced me to comics. Beyond him, I had no one to relate to with that. None of my friends were interested and in highschool, I was labeled "Untypical Girl" because of the stereotypes I defied with my comic love and girliness.

My parents never understood my collections and didn't encourage my desires to write or draw comics. It was kind of lonely.

I'm pleased that geekery is becoming more accepted in the mainstream and I'm happy that, never too late, my girls are getting into the things I love and are proudly telling snooty little girls that it's Catwoman and Wonder Woman they are holding.

They'll be officially attending their first convention at the end of the month. I'm excited to see what they think, now that they are old enough to understand all the shiny.

They can have their princesses and fairies, but I'm happy that they love their superheroes and villains just as much.


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