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The ads on the TTC walls read,
Everyone else has vampires. We have a succubus.

This article concludes with:
A hot bisexual succubus show that cares about strong female friendships?
God bless Canada.

And there you have all you really need to know about Showcase's Lost Girl, season two of which begins in a week. Fear not, Americans, unlike you, we like to share our science fiction, with Sy Fy picking up both seasons of the show.

Okay, okay. I guess you might need more to convince you to watch. When I first started watching Lost Girl, I wrote this:
Showcase repeated the first episode of Lost Girl for my benefit so now I'm all caught up and still in love. I love that Bo has lots of heart and yet is not bound to be angsty in regard to the discovery that her desire for sex results in dead people. She's left a trail of bodies behind her and she's just matter of fact about getting out of dodge after she's fed. She's got conscience enough to have moments of pain over it, which was used against her in the first episode, but I appreciate that the show isn't dwelling on this issue.
And of course, there's darling Kenzi. I love her intro into Bo's world through her own charisma and Bo's semi-heroism, plus her association with Team Dyson, whom I also love because he's got heart too and there's stuff going on there! Need to watch the new episode again.
I also love that Bo has no issues with the concept of "to the death." I like that the show doesn't pull punches with her.
Now, with season two on its way, I'm excited. All of the above remains, but I am even more invested in the characters.  Particularly, Kenzi, whom, I've learned was very specifically created by Michelle Lovretta to fill the hole that so many shows and movies seem to miss when it comes to its female characters and their friendships:
That’s something that’s important. That you are able to just be a chick and talk with another ones and it might involve things other than occasionally the guy. For me, the most important relationships in my life, a lot of them have been my friendships. I see a lot of shows on TV where I don’t recognize my friendships in high school, in college. I don’t see the solidarity, I don’t see the support. I see a lot of cattiness and I wasn’t that girl, I didn’t know that girl.
Don't get put off by the cheesy play on the word "fae" that happens in every episode. The show has its silly moments, but there is a lot of heart here and a lot of interesting supernatural lore. Sure we've seen it in shows like Supernatural, but this time we're seeing it from the inside perspective with a main character who's stronger and far less angsty than Buffy, with a lot of solid back up.

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  2. Kenzi is my favorite character too such great comic relief


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