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I'm not your typical convention goer, so if you're looking for a proper fannish report on Fan Expo 2011, you should probably visit pages like this instead. I don't go for autographs; meeting the celebrities is incidental. I don't care about workshops and press conferences and my purchases are usually to support friends. Fan Expo is actually a social outing for me, which started as a work outing back in 1998 when I was hired as the Anime Coordinator. I worked for the Event Coordinator - who would become a very good friend - in varying capacities up until two months shy of the birth of my first daughter, Bunny. After that, domestication and moving further away from easy babysitting and accommodations have restricted my visitations, but I have been back every year to see my friends, many of whom I really only see at this annual event.

Some of them are artists and creators and it's great to see that, along with the show, they too have grown. Some branching off from their original benefactors, while the benefactors themselves have moved from the back of the Artists Alley to the big tables at the front. Meanwhile, the student that used to meet me before class at university and sell me comics like they were drugs now has a big old booth at the convention, three kids and a store of his own ... that delivers... hmmm.....

As far as the event itself goes, it has become most impressive. When I started, it was in the back corner of the south building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Now, it is the south building, after previous north building events resulted in fire marshal shut downs due to far too many bodies in one place. We used to round up our attendance figures to help corporate sales, now the show is brought to you by G4 and Guillermo Del Toro calls to drop by because he's in town filming. Hell, there were even some people with signs shouting something about "no more line ups." I didn't stop to find out what their beef was. Too busy skirting the line to go pick up my VIP pass.

The main joy for me this year was that I got to go with Bunny. She been there before, but this time, she's old enough to understand and it's some much needed time for us together, away from her sister, Panda, who stayed home sick with daddy. Bunny was very excited about the subway ride, but when we got to the convention and she saw all the people, her attitude changed and she spent most of the explorations of the floor in my arms.

JM Frey as Belle
She was very impressed with the costumes, though, with the first one to catch her eye being a very beautiful Belle. I almost convinced her to give her a hug, but had to settle for a handshake. I could not convince her to pose with R2-D2 or hold a lightsaber or do much else, but that's okay. She did pose with my friend Trisha, who also drew her a picture and drew a picture of a sheep for a girl that was asking all the artists to do the same. Bunny decided that next year, she would follow suit and ask for butterflies. She told her sister about Belle later and they decided that next year, they wanted to dress up.

Maybe it's too cold up here, but I did not see many sexy cosplayers attempting T&A their way into geekdom acceptance. Thankfully, that guy who used to dress up as Sailor Saturn no longer does so, or else I missed him. Bunny was disappointed that she missed the Wonder Woman, though.

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  1. ummm is that a Stargate Patch?


    She didn't cosplay this year, but she and her sister wore some of the costume. She dressed up her lil nephew apparently, and he won.

  3. Hi to Bunny, and the poor sick Panda! I was the Belle you photographed. (Great shot there, by the way!) It was lovely to shake Bunny's hand.

    Hope you had a great time at the con. Sorry you missed Wonder Woman, though. I wish I had known so I could have sent one your way.

    --JM Frey


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