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So I was talking to my friend about meeting Kevin Sorbo again this weekend and he suggested I punch him for Andromeda. I can only assume that mention of Andromeda is what stirred up a tiny memory in the depths of my mind, launching it to the surface and demanding that I immediately look for this:

There are a lot of cheesy science fiction and fantasy shows that I have watched, including some of the ones Kevin Sorbo has to offer, but some how, but some cruel twist of fate, I missed Cleopatra 2525.
When complications arise during her breast augmentation surgery, 20th-century exotic dancer Cleo (Jennifer Sky) is put into suspended animation. Waking 525 years in the future, Cleo joins two women in their fight against the Baileys, armed flying machines who now control Earth's surface. Her team leader, Hel (Gina Torres), is commanded by a mysterious female entity called "Voice", who relays orders via a communications implant under Hel's left ear. Voice controls many other teams and gives them their orders in a similar fashion, in effect forming a resistance to the Baileys, with their ultimate goal to retake the Earth's surface. Their final team member is Sarge (Victoria Pratt), whose sister belongs to a cult that regards the Baileys with reverence and willingly sacrifices themselves to them. Humanity has moved underground and built a complex of elaborate shafts and tunnels created by the "shaft builders" to survive the Bailey menace.
 I turned to my G+ posse and it seems I truly am remiss with this. Many proclaim the show to be their guilty pleasure and of course, many speak of the importance of Gina Torres. I watched Standoff because of her. I watched the horrid season of Angel because of her. I played DCUO to listen to her voice Wonder Woman. How could I possibly have missed this show which not only features her usual hawt and ass kicking self, but she also sings the opening theme.

Cleopatra 2525 Theme Tune by jonboy1234

Putting this piece of awesome in my shopping cart as we speak, thanks. 

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