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I have grown weary of the 30 Day Comic Book Challenge because I don't much care for the remaining requirements.

Save for one: Day 27 - Favourite Comic Book Movie.

But, I'm not actually going to post my favourite comic book movie. I'm going to take this opportunity to explain, once and for all, why I like X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Yeah you heard me. I liked it!

1. lolScott
Scott! Jean!
It wasn't until some time after seeing this film that I came to appreciate Scott Summers. Prior to that, I strongly disliked him and considered him one of the worst and most annoying characters.

I think most people will agree that the movies did him no justice. At least, not until they had Jean kill him. Pretty sure I squee'd outloud at the theatre when it became apparent what those floaty ruby quartzes meant....

2. Ding Dong
If youngified Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian showed up at my door, I would be a very happy girl.
3. Oh my stars and garters
I thought Kelsey Grammer did a fantastic job embodying the Beast as both scholar and brawler. And he said it. He said it!

Now, I know there are some who complain that he is not true to his origins because he should not have lost his blue fur when he came in contact with the boy, but this is one of those things that die hard fans need to learn to forgive if they want to see their beloved comics come to film. The scene worked visually.  The actuality of Beast's blue fur (or Spidey's webs, etc) requires a bit more detail and backstory that is not conducive to keeping a movie around the 2 hour mark. Similarly, of course it would make sense that a young woman who can't touch anyone would want to get the cure. Movie Rogue was not the same Rogue we know from the comics. You gotta let go, kids. You gotta let go and understand where changes have to be made to suit the medium, and if you want to see more of your favourites on film, then you have to let Hollywood explain to the non-nerds in the quickest, easiest way possible. (After that, it's your job to indoctrinate the non-geeks with the truth!)

4. The Pithy Phoenix Saga
I read the Ultimate X-Men that had some convoluted plot involving the Phoenix entity .. something to do with a prison that was earth and aliens and lalalala. We already have one convoluted Phoenix Saga, thanks, and it was told in a far more comprehensive manner. Now, considering what I said above about having to condense and alter things to suit a medium that does not have time for large backstories, I think this movie did an excellent job of explaining the Phoenix. The explanation, to me, complimented what I have always felt about Jean: There was a spark - an intensity in her that Wolverine saw and that the Phoenix entity was drawn to, but Jean was never truly permitted to tap into by her writers, who always bound her to Scott, Logan and the Professor. Unfortunately, the movie bound her to Magneto, but at least she got to unleash that which the Professor (who is not the fluffy bunny he makes himself out to be!) had forced down, rather than help her cope with it. When you lock away that kind of power for that long, well of course she's gonna be pissed.

5. Logan + Jean Forever (which wasn't that long...)
Logan! Jean!
As part of my Scott hate, I defaulted to wanting Jean to be with Logan because I felt that Jean always stuck with Scott because he was safe and kept her safe from that dark part of her soul. Logan saw that spark and would have helped her face it. Unfortunately, due to Professor X's suppression, the potential therapy sessions probably would have been too little too late.

I liked X-Men 3 because it recognized that and had Logan recognize it. Scott couldn't kill Jean in the comics (okay okay so Logan failed, too) and so she had to do it herself, but here, Logan was the man and did it at her request because they both knew it was the only way. It was a tragic love story and I loved it. Sue me!


There were other things I liked about it. Little things, like the nerd references (Maneuver #7 and "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch"), and most importantly, enough things to make me almost forget that Halle Berry was there.   There were enough of these things to make me enjoy this movie, despite the obvious flaws, with my disclaimer being that I have actually only seen X-Men 3 once, and don't ever plan to see it again.....

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  1. u hate on halle berry alot. on paper she was the perfect storm. on screen not so much but not THAT bad.

  2. When she first got the role, she basically made some comment about how this was the kind of crap role a Black woman gets pigeon-holed in to. Then she proceeded to pout her way through the movie and not bother to act at all. Had she taken the time to read the source material, she'd know just how incredible Storm is.

    Once she realized this was a money maker, then she decided to play along.

    If they'd given the role to someone who wasn't so high on herself and the roles she "deserved" then we'd have gotten someone who actually respected the character.

    Halle Berry was only good as Storm on paper because she is Black.


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