Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My friends have been going on about this Netflix business. I've been spoiled. J works for the cable company so we do not get a stupidly ridiculously monstrously huge cable bill for all the shitty channels we don't watch. We have The Movie Network on Demand, so I can get a lot of the tv shows at my whim.

But what about those more obscure titles? I wanted to check out that UK version of Being Human, that my UK friends claim is better than the US version. Friends have been listing off all the cool stuff they are watching on this blessed Netflix and Hulu etc so I figured we'd check it out.

No one warned me that Netflix Canada doesn't get nuthin'. NUTHIN'! See what happens when I look for Justice League?

I mean I can understand the alphabetical offerings of Juice and Justified, even though these shows are not at all like Justice League, but can someone please explain how The Hebrew Hammer makes it in there? (hm... almost 3 stars... maybe I should add that to the queue.)

Then everyone's talking about their Google Music invites so I go to see if mine is there aaaaand....

What the... is it because I'm Black? Ooooh.. it's because I'm Canadian... (at least Stephen Colbert is honest!)

Yeah I know there are work arounds, but that's not the point. What's wrong with Canada? It's not like we're on the other side of the world. We're right here! When you go travelling, you're told to put a Canadian flag on your backpack so people will treat you better. Why can't you treat us better and let us watch the good stuff too? Why won't SyFy believe that we like science fiction in Canada? How can we not? Look at all the spacey stuff we've built!

Are you really that bitter about the hockey and Celine Dion and the world series and the whole White House business?

Jerks. I really wanted to see Stephen Colberts double vaginas, too.

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  1. It's the sucky outdated laws that make everything so complicated. I might like to be Canadian one day... when the movie selection gets better. ;-)

  2. Why can't I +1 your comment!?

  3. Paul says:

    Because Canada is like America's younger sibling. You guys aren't ready for that kind of stuff. Look how you treat your internet! Limits and caps?

  4. But look at all the porn we give you!

  5. Butbutbut... you owe us something since you confiscate our comics. Even trade. LOL.


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