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I've been putting off making this post because I don't want to be That Guy that posts the melodramatic goodbye and then comes back three months later, especially since I've been back once before, and I still am tempted....

The temptation is fading though. I miss hanging with my homies, but the grind of the game itself prevents me from returning. It's time to move on to Star Wars: The Old Republic bigger and better things, so I shall end my temptation, by posting that melodramatic farewell I've been putting off:

Final Fantasy XI was my first adventure into the world of MMOs and I had no idea what to expect. I started off as a Monk, based on my Final Fantasy Tactics experience, but learned that I didn't get Chakra for far too long and switched to Red Mage so that I could heal myself and swing a sword at the same time (I learned much later that doing both within party is strongly frowned on).

I struggled through my early levels, but, thanks to encounters with those in the same boat, as well as support from kindly strangers whose names I won't ever forget, I learned the ropes, with a few mishaps along the way (like that time I misunderstood what the "-aga" part of "Diaga" meant. Oh those silly leeches). I joined my first Linkshell and fought my first major mission battle versus the Black Dragon. I remember being so nervous for a battle that I later did regularly as a naked Black Mage. I remember all the trials and tribulations of my static, and taking over leadership of the LS when we became high level and the dramas of End Game LSes that I did my best to avoid because I cared little for the epeen.

Somewhere along the way, I got pregnant and set my precious Red Mage aside for the lonely hunting grounds of the Beastmaster, which I leveled almost entirely because I wanted my very own kitty.

I've met many wonderful people and had many fun and not so fun adventures over almost a decade (holy shit, a decade...) but since most of those amusements are only interesting to me and those I shared it with, I'll end here and let my Red Mage rest.

Oh hell. Logged out as White Mage, the job I hated for years and swore never to level - in my crappiest gear, to boot. So much for my legacy.


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