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The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica was one of the best sci fi shows to cross into the main stream. Unfortunately, some friends and I felt that the last half of the final season let us down severely by dropping the ball on plotlines and sidelining important characters. I blame EJO. Fortunately, thanks to our passionate anger and imaginations, we came up with a new ending to ease our pain. I'm posting the more coherent summary here, for reference.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of revisionist fanfiction for my personal entertainment (and maybe yours). Battlestar Galactica and all related characters and locations are originally created by Glen A. Larson, and re-imagined by Ron D. Moore and David Eick. RATING: Grown ups.
Let's just pretend 4.5 didn't happen. Imagine the mutiny is still in effect and Gaeta is confronting Adama and Tigh, all guns raised.

- After Bill's threat to kill himself, Tigh realizes Bill is losing it and has to choose between his loyality to Adama and what is right, and chooses the latter. Gaeta has to come to terms with the fact that the Cylon is agreeing with him, and then, with the help of Lee's awesome moderatory skills, they get rid of Zarek (airlock, bitch!) and convince the Fleet that they need to survive and that means working with the Cylons who have defected. So now, Tigh is in control of the fleet and gets to prove himself.

- Ellen would still be the Final and would still be the bitch that Tigh loves beyond reason, but Tigh also loves Caprica now, who's carrying his child. Ellen pulls her shit and causes Caprica to miscarry (This is one of the parts that made me very mad in the real show because they kept Tigh with Ellen after this. He basically ditches Caprica when she really needed to feel loved, but Tigh's off with the woman who literally orchestrated the murder of their unborn child). Tigh finally realizes how poisonous Ellen is and ditches her.

- Ellen and Tory scheme to convince the rebel Cylons to leave the humans behind and take Hera with them. D'Anna steps in and bitch slaps them both. She and Lee begin working together, with Gaeta as their aide.

- Boomer pulls her spurned lover stuff with Helo and Athena, then, with Ellen, escape with Hera. Cavil still wants to cut up Ellen and Ellen has her little chat with Boomer in hopes of convincing her not to let that happen.

- Adama, realizing what a useless selfish piece of crap he's become and finally NOT making something all about HIM HIM HIM decides to take the Galactica on a last ditch rescue against Cavil.

- Athena, Roslin and Caprica have their recurring joint visions and are convinced that they must go with Bill to save Hera. Gaeus goes with because he figures this is his chance for redemption with Caprica and God. Kara goes too, having now realized that her dad was a Cylon, making her, not Hera, the firstborn hybrid (not an angel) and explaining the connection she and Hera have.

- Galactica arrives in epic fashion with Anders hookin' up with the hybrids. Further epicness ensues. Ellen's words get through to Boomer, but not with the results Ellen hoped. Boomer steals Hera back from Cavil, leaving Ellen to her fate, and takes Hera back to her parents. Athena kills Boomer after she leads them to a ship. Helo's all happy cuz they can be a family again, but he doesn't realize just how smashed up Athena was by the whole "You couldn't tell Boomer wasn't me??" thing. Family counselling in the future.

- Bill and Roslin remain on the ship in a suicide run, guided by Anders, who has a moment of dramatic lucidity, and then Galactica destroys Cavil's ship.

- The Colonists find a new planet and lay down roots. They do not toss away their technology because that would be stupid and they do not want to die of local diseases and a complete lack of knowledge in agriculture etc. They live together, Cylons and Humans. Yayface!

ETA: Not sure where to fit him in, but I suppose Tyrol could go on the Galctica suicide mission too in a last ditch effort to serve a purpose. Galactica was his baby, so it would make sense and offer some redemption as opposed to how they made him a woman-beating asshole in the show that gets away with all of it. (Special hate for Tigh, who murdered his own wife, condoning Tyrol's murder of Tory and we're all supposed to accept that as okay).

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  1. Well thought out.
    So... is it good writing when you hate a character like you do Tigh?
    To me, that wrote him as an asshole to the end and it came across so well. You hate hid choices and in the grand scheme of a War series (sci-fi war, but still war) people (and Cylon who they think they are people) make horrible choices. Hell, even more so that he makes the same horrible choices over and over again apparently.

    I would like more people out of airlocks just like you.

    So are we writing the next great Sci Fi series together. Hint: it involves time travel and heavy drugs.

  2. So to answer your question, I liked Tigh because he was a detestable character and yes, that was because of good acting and, initially, good writing. Unfortunately, I feel that he, Caprica Six and Lee Adama were sidelined in the end. Mostly because Edward James Olmos became infatuated with himself as Bill Adama and this is why we ended up with DRAMA scenes of him writhing in paint (not nearly as sexy as Starbuck and Leoben when they did it), barfing on himself, and drinking and drooling and threatening to kill himself.

    Do you remember the scene where he goes to Tigh’s office drunk and has a gun to his head? In our reimagining, that was when Tigh decided to stand up and then, when faced with the full on mutiny, went against his friend because it was the right thing to do.

    I get what you’re saying about Tigh returning to Ellen because he really does love her and can forgive her of many things, but remember that he didn’t forgive her for treason. Not only does he forgive her here for killing his baby, but he dumps Caprica and the writers carefully forget about her after that. They could have done a lot with her post partum depression. I assume they gave Tigh back to Ellen to allow Caprica and Gaeus to reconcile, but that could still have happened without Tigh utterly betraying Caprica.

    Starbuck was also a detestable character (I honestly hated that she got so much episode attention and loved when Adama bitched slapped her that time), but that was because Katee Sackhoff acted the hell out of her and she was well written. The episode we were talking about with the piano is where she truly grew as a character and became something more than the cocky brat everyone else loved and would constantly forgive. Her character wasn’t sidelined in the end, but the plot line connecting her and Hera and the symbol and the mystery of her dad ... that was poorly written.


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