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I pulled out my lil collection of comics with the intention of rereading some or all, but the boxes have been sitting there, awaiting my motivation. Thanks to digitaltempest, I've decided to take up the 30 Day Comic Book Challenge.

Day 01 - Your first comic book

My brother introduced me to dinosaurs at 2 years old and comics books when I was around 10. Of all the things that shaped who I am today, this would probably be it. Classic X-men #2 was the first one I read. What an introduction to a fascinating new world. In my old age, I've learned about racism and sexism in comics, but, when I look back and see this gorgeous picture of Storm gracing the back cover, I realized that I was perhaps never truly aware of this notion because Storm was there for me, right from day one, and even Jean Grey, with her roomie Misty Knight. I'm glad this is what my brother chose to start me on, because I believe it was the backstories of Classic X-Men that truly made me love comics. When I think back on my favourite stories, almost all of them are from the these backstories that made every one of these unrealistic, super powered beings into everyday normal human beings.

Day 02 - Your favourite character
A friend asked me for my five favourite characters in order to make these (for my daughter, obviously!). I couldn't just give her a straight answer. I had to make it a whole blog post, complete with disclaimers. From this, I give you Storm:

I don't think I realized that Storm was my favourite until Halle Berry ruined her in the movie. [Insert HalleRantTM here], but she was always a very powerful character, not just a Token Black Chick thrown in to add some spice to the team. Her mutant abilities are extremely powerful, but she is also very strong without them, and the most amazing part, is that it's often been her insecurites and moments of weakness that cause her strength to shine. One of my favourite moments is when Forge gives her her powers back but she is too afraid to try them out and runs back into his arms like a child... until the thunder calls to her (SKARABOOM!) and she leaps off of the cliff and soars through the air. And, you know, this is the woman who, after losing her powers, defeated Cyclops (yaya interference, whatever) to earn leadership of the X-Men. And who can argue with a leader who walks around in tight leather, a mohawk, wielding a chain whip that can command attention, loyalty and obedience even without her powers?

I'm going to cheat and add a runner up: Rogue. I first met her in the Fall of the Mutants storyline. Badass southern belle with great moments like catching Blob, hurtling from a skyscraper, uttering the words "Lordy this is gonna HURT" as she gets slammed into the ground. Gotta love the little wave she gives her mom as she heads to sacrifice her life with her fellow X-Men. I don't know much about her beyond Age of Apocalypse, but I do know she became a strong leader as well, which I'm sure she deserved.

And dude. Black leotard under itty bitty green tank top and panties and comefuckmeboots. Say g'night, sugah.

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  1. LOL. Nothing wrong with having a runner up, especially with those reasons. Nice post. ;-)


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