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Day 05 - Comic character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Back in highschool, I created characters based on myself and my bestfriend at the time. Since then, she has become me, and I her, though lately, my passions have gone into hiatus. Thus, Nightxade is both the character I am most like, and the character I wish I were again. Just need to get my groove back ;)

Nightxade is the dangerous, impulsive, stubborn, sexy and volatile member of the AP. She is often accused of insanity, or atleast multiple personality disorder due to her uncanny ability to switch moods, accents, wavelengths, mid-sentence. The mischevious glint in her deceptive eyes proves that she's always in full control. She trusts very few people and plays with the minds of others -- especially the men who dare try to control her. She hates rules, ignorance, injustice and monotony. She is a vicious warrior who hates to let the word "mercy" slip from her lips, and she's not afraid to fight dirty. In fact, she's not afraid of much. She's had to knock on Death's door many times, but never stuck around long enough to go in. Her katana blades and her body are her weapons. Her power colour is deep blue which she uses to control fire and light. She takes pride in her negative reputation. Some say she has a black heart, but when it comes to her friends and saving worlds, she is loyal unto death. She's actually a really nice girl... really...
Together with Starskreem, they are tHE AdVeNturE pAtRol, super powered ladies who hate being called ladies, who have a penchant for saving the Known Universe from megalomaniacal beings bent on universal domination and have a habit of pissing off the people who want to turn them into ladies.

Day 06 - Most annoying character

Up until a few months ago, it would have been Cyclops, but recent discussions have helped me see Scott Summers from a different light and now I've come to appreciate him, with help from Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men.

Prior to that, he's always been bound to Jean and bound to the professor, and never a man unto himself. Even when he finally lost Jean, he still found replacements that looked just like her (yay! clones!) until Jean herself returned -- and kept returning. Every incarnation of the X-Men, from comic, to movie to tv series has been forced to fall into this pairing. I even hated the way Mr. Sinister was obsessed with him, which of course further linked him with Jean.

Meanwhile, despite his strength as leader of the X-Men, I hated the way he never seemed to question the professor. He was a goody two shoes that didn't want to be the leader, but did it because he had no choice; he had no where else to go (ref: Classic X-Men 2).

Runner up: Jean Grey. Unlike Scott Summers, she never had anything beyond Scott and Logan to make her special until she was possessed by a cosmic entity. She was never able to define herself outside of these things. The only thing that has ever been uniquely hers is death, and even that has become a joke.

Day 07 - Favourite comic couple

I'm one of those few people on the interweb who can see a couple in a story and not decide that they are OTP and have to fanfic them together forever. I know that Gambit and Storm have shared a kiss and that Storm has even said she was envious of Rogue for having Gambit's heart, but I don't believe it.

Just friends is completely possible! Just friends who trust each other, who can have fun together, whether it be a caper or just dancing, can give each other advice and be each other's shoulder.
Gambit and Stormy are my OTP. No sex required. I'm glad someone else agrees:
"When they first met, they were together fighting for their lives and it developed a real connection. I really loved that and wanted to bring that sort of energy back into their relationship. There's a real respect between them. Storm is probably the only X-Man Gambit would never try to pull a fast one over because he respects her so much." ~Chuck Kim

Day 08 - Best series being published right now

N/A - Not currently collecting, so can't say.

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  1. For some reason, your updates aren't showing up in my sidebar where everyone else's is. Well, it is, but it's saying that you hadn't updated in the 3 days for whatever reason. Blogger... :-( I love Storm and Remy's friendship, always have, but I think I might be in some small majority who doesn't think they should fall into bed together.

  2. Blogger is meant to defy us. :)

    Fairly certain that every possible couple, plausible or not, has been shipped to death. I am upset and disappointed to find that the writers gave in and allowed even a kiss and this moment of regret from Storm.

    I was trying to find the image of her and him dancing during the X-Cutioner's Song storyline. I will be picking up the Gambit and Storm comic, though.


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