Posted by : Unknown Friday, 10 June 2011

What's your favourite food? I mean FAAAAVourite food. Something you love to eat SO DAMN MUCH that you either hate to share it with anyone, or want to share it with everyone so that they can understand the intense joy of eating this food.

For me, it's the Malay apple, which I grew up knowing as the Otaheite apple.

My love has only intensified now that I live so far away from its source. My mom visits Jamaica every year and goes on a hunt before she comes home to find my apples, for she knows that curses will befall her should she fail (she did this year and look what happened!). Sadly, when she leaves Jamaica, the season has already ended and these fruits do not keep.

Due to its severe lack of availability for me, when I do finally get my hands on it, I am terribly greedy about it. You might lose a finger if you try to take any from my pile. It's a good thing my kids don't like it because there's a chance I wouldn't share it with them, no matter how hungry they were.

Yes. I'm serious.

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