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#256: When the bass kicks in. I was inspired to find this because of TLW's post re: 90s music and all those songs that just make you moooove. Some of my favourites:

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Garage Remix) | BLAQUE - 808 Remix-She Ain't Got the Boom Like I Do | Delerium featuring Sarah Mclachlan - Silence | Amber - Sexual (li da di) | Basement Jaxx - Rendez Vous

It was one of those songs that reached into your soul and held so tight. Few people understood what that meant, but at least most of those that didn't kept their distance, fearing to penetrate the swirling barrier of intensity that now surrounded S. She was in her own world.

Until he joined her.

He slid through the hurricane and fell in step with her. So perfectly rhythmed that it wasn't until he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into him that she realized she was not alone.

Some of the watchers didn't understand why he didn't receive the same violent rejection they did. Some of the watchers envied the incomprehensible touch that they lacked.

Instead, she sank into him. Her fluid movements melted into his electricity. They moved not in unison, yet they moved in complete sync. The music moved upward, pulling them into its tumultuous crescendo. Twisting and turning and stepping and spinning, they slithered in and around each other, eyes closed, sweat glistening, veins burning. The music pulled harder and he grabbed her and pulled her deep into him. They opened their eyes long enough to catch a glimpse of nothingness as the last of the music gradually faded into oblivion.

The song ended.

They released each other and went their separate ways.



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